Football being

Football being

Football being the one of the best sport for globalization which is proved by Euro cup 2016

Foot ball is the game that has millions of fans all around the world and the name Euro cup echoes in the ears of the people who are crazy for football because the tournament Euro cup 2016 is ongoing. Due to various reasons foot ball is being the one of the sports that has most number of fans and the fans are not just an ordinary people they are too crazy and aggressive for the foot ball game.

Especially the tournament Euro cup 2016 has proved that there are crazier and ardent fans for foot ball, the nations participating in the game and for the players playing in the game. The support given by the fans to their country and the players sometimes turns the heat and sets fire among the fans. The heated arguments become cruel fights that put the country in to problem and criticism.

Forgetting the negative side of the football, the positive side of the football in this Euro cup 2016 is globalization. Foot ball is not actually played by and played in all the countries of the world but it is played by the countries and in the countries that rules the world. It is reported that football shows what and how powerful the globalization is. During the foot ball tournament you will be able to understand the connectivity between different people, nation, country and the sharing of values and products from different parts of the world.

After the world cup football tournament, Euro cup 2016 is the most favorite football tournament and that is why it is called as the second biggest tournament in Foot ball game. The ongoing Euro cup 2016 has been started last Friday in Paris and has been followed by millions of fans all around the world. It has been discussed that there is no wide acceptance for the globalization in Europe but the different countries participating in the tournament has come to France and growing globalization in France.

There are 522 players from 24 different nations participating in the tournament and all of them have to hold the citizenship of the country for which they play. All the 522 players selected for the tournament have relationship with the football club of England which means they are the members of the club whereas 8 teams out of the 24 national teams are under the domestic team contract.

The clubs, managers, teams and players combine in a single place, the hosting country France and this makes the history once again that people from different clubs, both the domestic and national clubs come together to play against each other. All these things are pleasure for the fans and the football lovers and the live updates of the tournament is being updated then and there so that fans will be excited.