Find Out The Real Benefits

Find Out The Real Benefits

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Find Out The Real Benefits Of Online Betting

Betting is gambling money on outcome of an unpredictable events like race, games etc by a wager to a bookie. Bookmaker/bookie is a person or organization who accepts bet from wagers. Betting may looks simple but inside there are various types, tricks and rules which makes it little complicated to get in. Ranging from time pass to profession and addiction betting became a big market place for revenues.


Three main types are:

Win- wager can win if and only if his selection reaches the first place. It is used in single event.

Place- wager can win when his selection reached within preset position. It is used in multiple events.

Each-way- wager can use a mixture of win and place bets on a single event or on various selections in multiple bets.

Other types: Accumulators, Doubles triples, Trixie, Patent, Yankee, Lucky 15, Canadian, Lucky 31, Heinz, Lucky 63, Goliath, forecast etc.

Betting odd:

Betting odd will tell us chances of an event to happen and how much money can be won. It can be presented in European format (decimal odds), UK (fractional odds) and American format (moneyline odds).

Top bettors:

Betting is generally thought as a win or loss act. While there are few who changed the definition and always made it a winning for themselves. They are Billy Walters, Bill Simmons, Scott Van Pelt, Darren Rovell, Colin Cowherd etc.


Rules for betting change from one bookmaker to another depending on their plan to earn money. Most company’s rules will be subjected to changes and revision like Dead heat (if more than one selection dead heat for a particular placing, half the stake is applied to full betting and other half is lost), Maximum Winnings (bet accepted on the basis that it is the investment of single customer and the following amounts can be won by that single customer regardless of stake) while few rules are common for all the bookmakers and unchangeable. Like,

  • After an event had started wager can’t place betting and if it so it will be cancelled.
  • All the wagers will be graded only after the contest is final.
  • No one under the age of 18 can bet.


In USA except in Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana “ The federal wire act” of 1961 strictly prohibits betting while it is legal in many countries.


Nowadays there are 100’s of various android apps available in market which helps in betting, giving tips, betting calculators and many more. Some famous android freeware apps are OLBG Sports Betting Tips, BET NOW – Watch Shows, Betting Tips – Why Always Bet?, Bet of the Day, Bet calculator etc. These apps gives us regular updates and makes us engaged in betting.


There are 1000’s and 1000’s of site for betting. Some can be trusted while others are fake websites. Top sites that are used for betting are Coral, Bet365, BetVictor, Sky Bet, Betfred, Ladbrokes etc. which leads the betting market. When we enter in to these sites we can see all the A-Z of betting. They start from teaching to how to win and let us to bet.

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