Finally no ban for the jockeys

The ban that was supposed to game in charge on Monday for the seven jockeys participation in the race at Sedgefield, is withdrewed, said the British Horseracing Authority.

What happened in there four days ago was kind of silly for the organisators, and the decision to ban was too hars, as they commented on the news.

The Jockeys ignored a yellow flag waved in error at Sedgefield, after a flag that was supposed to be weaved to beware of the fence that was placed in the following if the track, the delegate decided to stop and void the race, and all bets on that game were refunded.

The race finished, although unacceptably, with the debt in the game, Richard Ford’s winner by a neck. The race was in two laps and in the first lap the wrong flag was used to warn the jockeys to the fence that’s just after the turn. Due to low sun light the delegate and match officials have decided to wave a flag, and after the error in the first lap, they waved the correct flag in the second, but decided to cancel and not take the race into consideration.

The Frustrated jockeys after the game, especially the winner Richard Ford, said that exactly due to that low sun light we were unable to see which flag you were waving the first or the second time. The flag and the circumstances are those as they are, and the outcome wouldn’t have been different according to Ford. He added that he heard all the jockeys were getting a 10 days ban, which by any mean, doesn’t make a common sense at all.

Comments from a British Horseracing Authority has said, in reply, to all the words of the banned jockeys that, once the stop race flag has been up and waving, it is the jockeys’ job to stop the race and the race must be declared as void. They added that it’s not the rider’s job to decide whether the stop-race flag is waved at right or wrong timing, it’s theirs to stop the race. He then said in a joke that the riders may consider continuing the race, but it will result in a penalty, as it did now. There were several incidents in this sport lately and they are really making it look bizarre.

This is the third this month after previously measuring the Wetherby racing grounds and clamming that they don’t have the right distance of the ground, and it was the same for the last five years. Another incident happened when there was an unqualified winner at Wincanton.

The ARC apologized for the Tuesday’s incident and is now working its way to the British Horseracing Authority to ensure that this mistake won’t happen again. The price money of that race from 1st to 4th place will be distributed among the players to cover up for their expenses and as an act of an apology for the incident and the ban that the British Horseracing Authority has given to them.