FIFA World Cup history

FIFA World Cup history

France made their entrance in 1903 into the field of Football. The team goes Les Bleus in France. France’s football team offers a high degree of competition in matches today – but believe it or not, the group used to be modest, one which some would consider a simple game. Their first match was Belgium, and has been a tie game. In 1930, the national team of France was among the four teams in Europe that participated in the World Cup. During that time, the team of France was looked down upon as a simple defeat. For not being in the bottom of the standings France did see some success.

Their first encounter at being a major success came towards the end of 1984. From December of 1984 to Apr of 1985, France was rated number one in football teams Elo categorization. This success was held out rather well, and met a second high point in May of 2001 to May of 2002, when the team in France lasted a FIFA position of amount one, today, this amount one FIFA standing signifies more worldwide, since FIFA is an internationally familiar organization. Perhaps most memorable for many individuals is France’s win of the FIFA World Cup at 1998. Thirty two different teams, in five different confederations, competed in 64 matches.

France won almost every match this they competed in, and ended up taking the championship upon beating Brazil 0 to 3. Other prizes awarded to the French soccer group during the 1998 FIFA World Cup include Most Entertaining Team, and the FIFA Fair Play Trophy. The Stadium that the French Soccer group usually plays in is the Stade de France, which has been built at 1995 and opened during 1998. The construction of the stadium costs over 285 Million Euros. The stadium was built for the aim of the 1998 FIFA world cup – it is both ironic and fitting that France might win the world cup at their very own stadium the year this it opened. Following the World Cup, the Stade de France has continuously been used for various soccer events, although for the most of the year, the stadium is empty. The vast majority of events this France’s group participates at the Stade de France are won by the French group, partly thanks to the home group advantage of having more frequent access to this field, as well as higher morale and support in the crowd. France’s team might still not be the most respectable team around, but from their humble origins they were able to grow n a team that’s recognizable in lots of places around the globe, and were even able to claim the glorious title of World Champions.

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