FIBA Basketball World Cup Play Now

FIBA Basketball World Cup Play Now

Basketball is the indoor and outdoor game played in the rectangular coach between the team and each team contains five players. The basketball game is established during 1891 by a college physical education department staff Dr. James Naismith. The requirement of playing Basketball is basketball ball and basketball basket. FIBA is the basketball world cup match is the international basketball match hosted by men’s national basketball teams. The FIBA basketball world cup match is found in 1950 and number of team participate is twenty four. The last world cup match is held in 2014 parallel to men’s tournament. The women’s basketball world cup match is held parallel to men’s tournament. The champion of 2014 FIBA basketball world cup match is United States. The next tournament will be held in 2019. The most champions of FIBA world cup is United States. The format of the FIBA basketball world cup tournament is qualification and tournament round.

The method followed in tournament is round robin where each team is divided into groups and undergoes round robin method. The winner of each group will face the final. In 2014 FIBA world cup match the 24 team is divided into six teams and undergo a preliminary round that follows a round robin method. Top four team in each group will meet a knock out round. And eight team will remain after the completion of knock out round. Remaining eight team undergo quarter finals, semi finals and finals. The FIBA announced that in upcoming 2019 match there will be 32 teams. The winner of the FIBA basketball world cup match will be awarded. The Naismith Trophy is the reward given to the winning team. The trophy is named as Naismith the founder of basketball. The weight of the trophy is twenty pounds. The semi final losers gets bronze medal and winner gets gold medal. United States is ranked first since the number of gold gained by the team is five. Media play the vital role in live telecasting the match and update the current event regularly.

The common technique used in playing basketball is rebounding, shooting, blocking, dribbling and passing. Shooting is the method of throwing the ball into the basket means gaining a goal. Rebounding is the method gaining a possession of missing a goal. Passing is the method of changing the ball from one player to another player without giving it to the opponent team. Dribbling is the method of bouncing the ball with one hand continuously and shooting it into the basket that is gaining a goal by bouncing. Blocking is the method of touching the ball and blocking it from the opponent team players.

The basketball ball is main requirement of playing basketball which is made up of rubber and wrapped in the layers of fiber. The basketball ball is either covered with leather, rubber and synthetic material. The basketball court is a place where the match is held. The basketball court is a rectangular court made up of tiles at the end. The basketball basket is another requirement of playing basketball. The basketball basket is a vertical board where a basket is attached. A basketball basket is placed at the two ends of the rectangular court. A backboard is the scoring board which displays the score of each team which is attached to the basketball basket.

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