Few words about Paddy Power and the online bingo that they offer

Few words about Paddy Power and the online bingo that they offer

Registered by the UK Gambling Commission for UK customers, one of the best online betting sites Paddy Power has few things to offer that the other online gambling sites don’t. The Paddy Power Services Limited company (PPSL) with its main office in the Channel Islands now offers free 20 pounds for the new members of the site, especially the ones who are interesting in playing their online bingo. As soon as you deposit 5 pounds or more to their site, the big pink button becomes clickable and you can get yourself free 20 pounds to be further used in your Paddy Power bingo adventures.

Despite the awesome look that the site has which is little less important than all the promotions and the room awards that the site can offer, it is worth mentioning that the site offers a nice view of everything that you need to know, from promotions, to room prices, up to free gifts and more. Don’t forget that the site has a Responsible Gambling policy that reminds you if you are online for more hours than you should be. You may set the time and deposit limit yourself.

There are 10 rooms in the Paddy Power Bingo and they are divided by the prices that you can put on the numbers. Multi Balls, Diamond Room, Silver Room, Topaz Room Crystal room are the first five rooms with a little less price than the rest, which are the Clover Countdown, Lucky Numbers Bingo, Deal or No Deal Bingo, Sapphire Room, Gold Room, who hold the honor of being the more expensive rooms in the Paddy Power online Bingo. Although, the starting prices may be different, the actual winning prizes may vary and are changed upon a player receiving the jackpot. As soon as the jackpot is being hit, the prize is down to 0 again and it is to be players and rose further on.

Promotions and sales are a big part of Paddy Power Online Bingo as there are many different types of promotions and sales, whether monthly, for a special group of people etc. The promotions may be from January Sale that are up to 220,000 euros, to the newbies advantages and immunity, to the pay 5 get 20 euros or pounds that we mentioned earlier and many others. Paddy’s Pay Day is something that grabbed everyone’s attention and it’s coming at the end of January. It is going to be held in the Gold Room, Friday 6PM/Saturday, Sunday 5 PM GMT and the prices are up to 250,000 Euros or Pounds with it getting lower as the days pass by. Read more about this on Paddy Power official gambling site.

Jackpot bet online is a site where you can get all the info that you need for the day, as well try your luck by hitting the jackpot button – who knows, maybe you will be the lucky winner.