Few Chelsea related news

Few Chelsea related news

The former Chelsea manager has a dilemma when the best player in the elite football competition in England.

Mourinho named best player of the Premier League in the last decade

‘Special’ has worked in the Premier League on two occasions and as manager of London ‘the Blues’, and during that time he had the opportunity to meet many possess exceptional players. Mednad┼żer Portugal is mentioned as a prime candidate for successor Louis Van Gaal on the bench of Manchester United at the end of season. Mourinho spoke highly of many football players he encountered since coming to ‘the Island’, but there is no doubt that Frank Lampard is the best player in the last decade of the Premier league. “While I was on the bench, Chelsea’s Frank Lampard was the best player in the Premier the league at that time, ” said Mourinho. the famous English footballer in the Premier league scored 177 goals in 609 matches before the team stepped up New York City. on the other hand, celebrated treer he could not give an answer to the question of who is the best football player with whom he had had a chance to cooperate. “When I was the best player? I had Ronaldo, Zanetti, Ibrahimovic and many other phenomenal players, so I can not answer that question,” concluded Mourinho.

Rarely when we caught sinning so that this information Gianluca Di Marcia, an Italian journalist who launched this exclusive news, has great significance. On his Twitter account he wrote that everything runs according to plan in the negotiations Conte and Chelsea and the Italian expert should sign a three-year contract in the next few days. Antonio Conte was the favorite to succeed Guus Hiddink who definitely will not stay in London after the end of the season, although it has a great record with the champions of England. it is now Italy’s definitely the closest place Chelsea coach, it remains to more to see when it will sign the three-year contract.

“Gazzetta dello Sport” has published details of the agreement, Antonio Conte will take over Chelsea on 1 July, will sign a three-year contract, the sum of 5 million euros per season. This is much less than they earned the previous managers of Chelsea, Mourinho, Vilas Boas and a few, but Konte grabbed the chance to end the kind of money he worked at Juventus last season. His dream to work in the Premier League will be achieved, and reportedly has already compiled a list of reinforcements. to watch will have his former club will try to bring even four Juventus players. the first will be the loan back Cuadrado, we wrote, was once asked to bring Juve or Fiorentina would not even hear after that he went from Turin Konte dissatisfied transitional period. in addition to the Colombian he wants to reinforce the defense of Juventus players Leonardo Bonucci’s first target, underneath this defender blossomed, a veteran Chiellini could get a chance to leave Italy in the last part of the rich play a few seasons of his career in England. However, the first target is Paul Pogba. The Frenchman, according to the ideas Conte should be first violin in the middle, will try to pair with Naingolanom from Rome, as it is unlikely that Ancelotti will leave Vidal to whom the account since when it takes over Bayern. In the attack, Chelsea will try to even exchange Azara bring Cavani. Does this mean that Diego Costa goes, we will see, merely “The Blues” will significantly change it.