Fantasy gambling in the great NFL

Fantasy gambling in the great NFL

The great commissioner of the NFL who is greatly named as the Roger Goodell gave an announcement in the recent weeks about the fantasy football and he has said about the fantasy football which is wagering. He says the interesting fantasy which is found daily is really not found to be a gambling and it is because it is not fully about the great outcome of games.

But the person belonging to the same family which is the second greatest prominent member in his own family has explained this in a very different manner as this person takes this fantasy football in a different view. This is the other important person in the family who is named as the Andy Goodwell and he is said to be the great cousin of this Roger who is mentioned in the above-said paragraph. This Andy is the person belonging to the New York state and he is also the assemblyman of the New York state. The state legislature of the New York is greatly debating on the current issue about the football fantasy that it is a gambling and this person who is the cousin is also agreeing on this point greatly. In addition, he also says that his cousin sees the fantasy football daily and then he also greatly assures that this is the very simplest form of gambling.

Sports gambling

In the minds of the Andy, he thinks that this fantasy football is the exact gambling and it is not any other than gambling. He also has given a great comment on this gambling that it is the gambling which can be said as the sports gambling than simply saying as the gambling in general. This comment is given by this great Andy through the sports attorney who is also very much famous in New York and he is named as Daniel Wallach.

Comments of the cousin

Apart from the speech and the comments of Roger’s cousin who is Andy, this Roger is saying that he has contributed thousands to the campaign offers of his great cousin Andy. This is the comment which is given by this man who is Roger in the recent weeks and people are highly expecting that this comment of the Roger will surely change in few minutes or hours if the Roger hears the comments of his own cousin Andy. The comment of this Andy is found to be highly daunting and it will really spoil many of the people’s beliefs and it will be a great comment for his own cousin who is none other than the Roger in the New York. Many critics are giving comments that the support of the Roger to his own cousin will change surely after he reacts to the comments regarding the fantasy football and people are also waiting for the reaction of the Roger very eagerly.