Fans of Welsh

Fans of Welsh

Fans of Welsh was apprehensive about the trouble on though they are happy for the match

Onset of the match between Welsh and England the fans of Welsh are too happy to watch the match from the gallery. Both the teams have given their best and the crowd gathered there was a great support to the teams. The fans really enjoyed the game but still they were apprehensive about the situation because anything may happen any time. Following to the lot of nuisances and the incidents there fans get anxious about the hooligans on the stadium and off the stadium, in the streets of France.

Euro cup 2016 is has got greatest audience, fans and supporters from various courtiers and the country France that hosts the Euro cup 2016 looks like a grand festival and it turns to be the best of all time. The streets of the France filled with crowd from various countries and there are celebrations and parties as their team wins the match against other teams. Though there are a lot of reasons to celebrate, still there are commotions that happen every day. Due to the repeated commotions other countries officials say that the French police officials are reluctant and the number of police officials for the tournament has to be increased.

The fans of Welsh country say that they are happy to watch the match but all of a sudden we are anxious that something might happen. They had a wonderful match against England and the match was worth watching as the both teams were competitive each other. The fans and supporters of both the countries have had a treat watching the match. But when it comes to uproar it happens all of a sudden by the hooligans from various countries.

Recently Russian team was disqualified and suspended to play because of the fans and supporters of Russia. Due to the unavailability of alcohol in the restaurant they got furious and the turn the place full of problems, violence and nuisance. The Police officials of France arrived at the spot and arrested such hooligans and jailed them. There are many incidents to say like this and such incidents make the fans to be anxious about them.

The England fans have recited insulting songs against Russia before the match between England and Russia which turned the heat and sudden violence broke out. The England fans and Russians fans were having weapons to attack each other. After a heavy uproar and noise, Police officials have arrived at the spot and there were sound of bottles breaking and weapons were found. Some of the England fans were using weapon and the Russian fans too. The disciplinary committee of Euro cup 2016 should take steps to suppress these kinds of incidents to some extent. Before the tournament ends there will be many things happen which will unexpected.