Fable Media acquires affiliate site MobileSlotSites

Fable Media acquires affiliate site MobileSlotSites

Kristoffer Holten Madsen, Head of Marketing, said:”MobileSlotsSites.co.uk is a really welcome addition to our roster of UK affiliate websites.

Despite having a solid standing in the United Kingdom marketplace, we are always on the look-out for opportunities to expand our reach.” Fable Media was set in 2014, nevertheless in over five years they have already enjoyed great success. The business is well-known and admired for their advanced and specialized affiliate services,

In addition to their large casino and bingo brands. It is this position of working across either side of the sector that permits them to provide a flawless affiliate website user experience. MobileSlotSites.co.uk will serve to fortify Fable Media’s presence within the UK gambling industry, where the company already possess and run several popular online casino comparison and affiliate websites. The acquisition of MobileSlotsSites.co.uk is a highly exciting move for the Copenhagen established company. They’ve expressed how they hope the website will fit into their portfolio.

MobileSlotSites.co.uk is presently one of the UK’s top online gambling affiliate sites, having started in 2013. The website concentrates on UK casino and slot sites. Fable Media goal to keep this success by making sure that the site is still one of the first places UK players visit when looking for new casino sites and business news. To try it, MobileSlotSites.co.uk will be full of fresh and engaging articles, such as in-depth, honest casino reviews and reviews. The website will also encourage casino and software brands, as well as updates as to what’s fresh in the world. In addition, under Fable Media’s management,

MobileSlotsSites.co.uk will become more available than ever before. The site will boast a layout which is optimized for all devices, such as cellular and tablet computers browsers, and an easy-to-read design. Fable Media, the worldwide iGaming brand, have acquired the online casino affiliate site MobileSlotsSites.co.uk.