Extreme Fruits Ultimate Casino Game Review

Extreme Fruits Ultimate Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Extreme Fruits Ultimate Casino Game Review

Extreme Fruits Ultimate is a casino game developed by the Playtech to release in March 2020 for online betting as well as offline also. It is the combination of fruits with the icons of the Irish era to gain some users in the New Year of 2020 because of many competitions in the casino industry.  The review of the Extreme Fruits Ultimate Casino game consisted of the reels, fruits symbols, payout, multipliers, pay-lines and the stacks in the slot. While the hidden options in the slot always went into the side of the players.

Extreme Fruits Ultimate Casino game can be played through the smartphone to amuse the players of gambling at their home. People liked to play online instead of offline because playing at a fixed place is too much difficult for players in the modern world.


There are only 5 reels as we have seen many times in the new and upcoming casino slot with the 20 pay-lines to release the mega jackpot of 5,000x which is a good price for all the wagers. The players have choices to lift the prize to the given by the makers of casino games. The presence of the scatters, wilds and regular symbols in the game will provide many options to the users to raise the profit many times than the given by the developers.

Betting Range and Payout

To cover all the 20 given lines by the slot, the overall range of betting begins from the only $0.20 to the maximum of $500 which showed that both kinds of users of the casino can enjoy the slot of the in 2020 for getting a top payout. Shamrock and the wilds are the 2 main features in the slot to expand the reels for the mega jackpot at the end of the gameplay. All the functions in the game are of the Irish type which is familiar to the users of casinos.

How to Play

By knowing, all the symbols and the functions in the slot, it very cheap slot at the start of the new year by the makers of the game. The classic theme with the symbols of fruits failed to gain the users for the slot. It is too boring slot versus the top class casino game of the other makers. In this slot, the only hope for the newbies and casual players in the presence of the wilds and scatter symbol which will work for making the combinations and match the reels with the regular symbols.

Wilds symbols will be available on the 3 reels from 2 to 4 with the logo of fire as it is useful to cover the columns of the reels with all the 20 lines as an alternate. All the other regular symbols can be used to make the combo with the wild symbols.

The combinations for the mega jackpot can be made from wilds that are present on the three reels. Golden Bell in the slot will give you the multipliers up to the 100x from the 5x to 25x which is good at the end of the game. There is also the presence of free spins, free games, and bonuses for the gamblers at the last stage of the game.


The theme of the slot of Extreme Fruits Ultimate is not relying on the classic type due to the presence of the dated in the shape of the game. The theme of any slot is a basic thing for the gambler which attracted the wagers towards the game. Developers of the theme failed to create some imaginations in the mind of the users of the slot. The symbols of the fruits likes, the bananas, lemons, bells, logos, jackpot and the main symbol of the shamrock are the sign to gain the users.


If we look at all the given functions and features of the slot then we failed to find the lovers of the game but the presence of the mega payout and the volatility we can hope than wagers are waiting for the releasing date of the slot in casino market as online or offline.

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