Exhibition in Paris: games of chance to understand mathematics!

Exhibition in Paris: games of chance to understand mathematics!

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Next idea for a weekend on the French border? It is in Paris that it happens, more precisely at the Palace of discovery, with its new interactive and educational exhibition, present until August 27, 2017. Learning mathematics through casino games, pinball and other monopoly, you tell everything!

Probability, law of large numbers, statistics … Words that give buttons to many of us! It is therefore, to reconcile visitors with these rather complex notions, that the Palace of discovery hosts the exhibition Faire your games! When maths mingle in Paris which will end on August 27, 2017. An exhibition, totally playful and interactive, that will demystify the random universe of mathematics, in a totally innovative and fun way.

When math becomes fun

What better way to experience random phenomena through games of chance? It is in a course punctuated with games of pinball, lotto, roulette and other dice games that the visitor can walk during his visit, to decipher these notions of mathematics, sometimes dark: “Mathematics have a lot to say on chance. It is a vast world, like a gigantic book composed of a multitude of chapters. We obviously know the probabilities, but there are also, for example, the theory of chaos and statistics, “explains curator of the exhibition, Robin Jamet.

An interactive and playful exhibition: the visitor becomes “player”

In a totally interactive and intuitive way, thanks to the mini-games of Monopoly or casino roulette, visitors have the opportunity to participate actively while playing. What better way to grasp the different subtleties of probability? The notion of statistics has always been difficult to grasp? The exhibition deciphers this notion through soundings known by all: white and green balls in a rotating sphere, allowing to understand the terms resulting from the statistics, such as sample and margin of error … Notions that “each Good citizen must know, “said Robin Jamet.

It is, for example, by guessing the number of socks to take in a drawer to have two similar ones or, by creating a poem in a manipulation game that the visitor learns to challenge chance. The exhibition thus offers the visitor a series of mini-games fun and accessible to all!

Pedagogy, at the center of this exhibition

Mathematics is often a subject feared by students, regardless of age or level. Through this exhibition, the members of the school have the opportunity to find alternatives, very playful and accessible, which will speak directly to the students, accustomed to the world of the game. “Regardless of the level of the class, teachers will find their happiness in this very educational exhibition. Let us take the example of students who start learning probabilities. The exhibition presents a manipulation inspired by the popular American game Let’s Make a Deal, referring to the Monty Hall paradox. Mathematics then becomes a real child’s play!

For gambling casino gamblers, this is the perfect opportunity to revise its great classics, sharpen its game strategies, and even, to leave with some tips to implement! How to tame chance? How to have more luck than other players? The exhibition is a mine of valuable information for those who like to play with the numbers.

And then, to discover the rules of operation is also to have access to the backstage of these popular and familiar games, very present our daily.

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