Evolution Gaming: Wheel of fortune and a progressive jackpot for poker

Evolution Gaming: Wheel of fortune and a progressive jackpot for poker

Who knows them still, the golden time of the evening TV entertainment, in the course of which not some Hooked B-celebrities at the jungle camp had to eat all the vermin for the amusement of the masses from the jungle, or other forms Synchs swimming before the TV cameras to the idiot? Yes, the 90s still had the good, old wheel of fortune, in which, above all, the brain worm was asked to guess the right solution or a speech. Would have thought that this amusing game, in a somewhat modified form, once the way to the on-line casinos in Germany and will also create a completely new genre of games for the live casino. Again and again from the operators of the Internetcasino the request to the market leader in the field of live roulette and Live BlackJack Games Evolution Gaming to create a game that allows the providers of online casinos, the lovers of game machines also in the virtual halls with live dealers. On this basis, the new DREAMCATCHER LUCKY WHEEL has emerged, which will celebrate its debut in numerous online casinos such as 888casino, LeoVegas, Betsson or Unibet.

How does the new DREAMCATCHER LUCKY WHEEL play?

On the generously proportioned, upright wheel of fortune, the player will find various fields, such as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40, whose numbers also show the countable amount of their own bet. In addition, areas with a double and a multiple multiplier will also be used. The Auto play function also supports playing fast laps, which allows the Gambler to set the number and the number of turns to be played one at a time. There will be a live dealer for the corresponding presentation, who will swing the wheel of fortune. On the technical side, the new DREAMCATCHER LUCKY WHEEL offers the accustomed quality of Evolution Gaming. The same HD cameras as the award- winning IMMERSIVE ROULETTE are used here and allow a perfect overview from different camera angles. The Swedes are also not stingy in the background, so all the laps on the DREAMCATCHER LUCKY WHEEL are accompanied by various sounds and light effects, which are synchronized with the happening at the wheel of fortune using sophisticated software.

The LIVE CARIBBEAN STUD POKER gets the world’s first progressive jackpot

Evolution Gaming from Sweden has always been known for its tremendous creativity in the development of new live casino games and that they have not lost any of their enthusiasm after more than 10 years, not only shows the new DREAMCATCHER LUCKY WHEEL but also the establishment the first progressive jackpot in poker. With the LIVE CARIBBEAN POKER, the Swedes not only became the first licensed vendor to offer a live version of this popular card game to online casinos, but with the current introduction of a progressive jackpot, the whole thing is once again clearly raised to a new level. While players have only been able to pursue pure poker, it will now be possible to place targeted bets on specific hands, regardless of whether the game wins at the end of the live dealer or the Gambler. On all sorts of sheets, from the three of a kind, to the straight, the flush, the full house and the four of a kind, to a straight flush can bet here and on the success of one of the numerous, fixed Jackpots worth up to 2,500 euros are to be covered. The absolute icing on the cake for all poker friends, however, is a Royal Flush in the LIVE CARIBBEAN POKER, as this has been placed in a side bet on the show, allowing the progressive jackpot to be won. This was launched a few days ago with the start-up capital of 50,000 euros by Evolution Gaming itself and is driven by one per cent of the side-betting ever more and so can one day even go into the millions.