Everton got off to an incredible beginning to this season with consecutive successes against quality groups that guaranteed them a best position in the table.

They stunned Spurs in the opener and made sure about simple triumphs against West Brom, Crystal Palace and Brighton. After the concise break because of international fixtures, they set up a powerful test against the protecting heroes Liverpool which finished in a 2-2 draw.

In any case, from that point on, their mission has endured a shot with three back to back defeat against Southampton, Newcastle United and Manchester United dropping them underneath the main 5 in the table. Be that as it may, it seems like they have figured out the issues as they scored a significant triumph a weekend ago placing them in sixth spot in the table.

Leeds have resembled a considerable resistance so far defending their advancement to the top flight up until this point. They began their season with a hard-battled game against the shielding champions at Anfield. They snatched triumphs against Fulham and Sheffield United however confronted an impossible defeat against Wolves. Regardless of bringing down Aston Villa, their mission wrecked gratitude to back to back misfortunes against any semblance of Leicester and Crystal Palace. In their ongoing trip, they played some quality football as they held Arsenal to a goalless draw.

They are right now sitting in fourteenth spot in the points table,however a success on Saturday will help them complete in the best 10 at the end of the week.


Everton got that genuinely necessary triumph against Fulham though Leeds set up an incredible battle to constrain a draw against Arsenal. Considering all this and lots more, we predict Everton to triumph in this challenge.