Events of all Ages to be held at The Freedom Hall

Events of all Ages to be held at The Freedom Hall

Events of all Ages to be held at The Freedom Hall

Lisa Chamness the Freedom Hall Civic Center Director claims that she is delighted to see many kids flock the hall when a circus event is held there. She adds that the hall is not only meant for children but also to adults. According to the Hall officials, the Jericho Shrine Circus performances event that took three consecutive days from 17th to 19th Oct. had the highest number of views to ever record in the hall.

The average number of people in each of the event was 5000. The circus performance has seen the drastic rise in the ticket sold by 16% and have reached a total of 29,526. The reason for this increased number of viewers was the reason of the presence of the white tiger, elephants as well as camels. It is also claimed that the marketing strategy adopted by Charlie Feller where unique rates were offered to children also brought about this success. The hall was full such that in some instances the doors were to be closed for safety reasons.

Not only is the circus held in the Hall but there are other events that take place and attracts large crowds especially this month of cold. Among there are the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas which comes every Nov. 21, the Sesame Street Live appearing on Dec. 2 whereas the Diamond Rio comes on Dec. 6. The events are organized by East Tennessee State University and Johnson City.

There has a plan to bring on the men basketball in the same venue. According to ETSU President Brian Noland, comedian Jim Gaffigan’s performance would preside the game. This would be an opportunity to attract more and more students. Blue and Gold basketball scrimmage will hit the floor on Thursday at 7pm as they prepare for their official match on Nov. 3 against Milligan.

The collaboration with ETSU will hasten the halls preparation for the basketball game. The joining of the ETSU and decals with strive to prepare the arrival of Buccaneers and will be much ready to host any other third party at stake.

Chamness claimed that ETSU will be the first team to play at the Freedom Hall and this will prove to be an area to be. She added that they were planning to have another presentation in March that will be conducted by Harlem Globetrotters. Learn more on the upcoming event by visiting their website on

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