European basketball

European basketball

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European basketball needs few players to lift the game

The legendary coach Fenerbahçe rival Madrid in the quarter, serves WORLD before Game: “When you no longer excites me, I quit”

“What I demand of the players? I do not understand. They and I are privileged people we do something we love. And we won a lot of money. Is there anything better?”

Before you, the European basketball. If anyone knows his gut that is Zeljko Obradovic (Cacak, Serbia, 1960), rather than their seniority, which also, by his experience: just turned 31 sat on a bench when the day before was still playing.That year, 1992, raised the first of his eight European Cups , with Partizan, a group of twentysomethings led by Danilovic and Djordjevic. Since then, all successes, more than anyone. Among them, that of 1995 with Real Madrid, the penultimate continental crown after Pablo Laso and the boys return to conquer a year ago. 24 hours before the first attempt of its Fenerbahçe away from the Final Four champion, Fenerbahce coach attends the world on the same parquet BarclayCard.Since we are, we asked more than for mourning today (20.45 h., Canal + Sport) . In each answer there is a lesson not just basketball.

The so obvious superiority of the second game, can be a trap for your team?

I don `t believe. We are in the best scenario, with 2-0, a big plus, but my players understand who we play well against the current champion, a great team with weapons in all positions, with players who have long together and who can cope nights this. We played two good games, with really only one bad quarter [of the first third party], where we relaxed and lost many balls. We try to play tomorrow [for today] even better.

Nobody ever picked up a 2-0. Do you trust?

Statistics is a thing of others. Those who are inside do not think so. We know the difficulties, the desire will have. Everyone talks about the pride that Madrid and is.They have a lot of character. They have achieved what they have achieved in recent years because of this. They are united, they have good atmosphere and character.

His team, despite having a short rotation, is playing at a very high physical level. What you can pay if the series is extended?

We have what we have. We are missing a very important player (Vesely), but that’s life.

It is his third season in Fenerbahçe. Last year, for the first time in history, it qualified for a Final Four. This season has several signings around the NBA. Are they difficult to readapt?

Which I have not. Datome, is a person that everyone loves. He came to the NBA with great offers from other teams, talked to me and decided to come because he liked the idea and because he wants to be competitive and lift trophies. But Antic had a very important role in Atlanta, I spoke with him 10 minutes and told me he was tired of the NBA, I wanted to fight for something. The situation was complicated Udoh Clippers with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan ahead. There was not much minutes, we talked and I am delighted with him.

He has always said that the hardest part is getting your players believe you.How do you get?

Talking all you can get. Before you sign a player you have to find out about the person, about their character, their relationships within the team, if you enjoy working …. Understand that someone is good is easy. Then you can have problems during the season, it is normal, and there are ways of speaking. Treatment is not always the same.You have to know your players, because some of it is better to talk in person, to another group …

What makes you keep the passion after so long?

I love basketball. I love it when I get up in the morning and go to work with my players. I have an office in the pavilion, I go in the morning and I’m there all day. We train in the morning, as my assistants close, back, prepare training and at night go home. I love my job, it is very easy.

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