Euro CUP tournament

Euro CUP tournament

The great Euro cup is found to be a very important tournament in the world of football and most of the great players in the football team will be eagerly waiting for this tournament every year. This year is found to be a very great misleading year for the Russian team due to their dispute actions in their last match and all the fans are now highly shocked to hear the news about the disqualification. This Russian team is not only subjected to give more penalties but also the team has to face the most horrible disqualification which turned all the team members to a very great pathetic situation. This is the most firing news which is found in the daily news on Euro CUP football and apart from this news, there are also many other interesting latest news which can be seen in the daily news session related to the football tournament which is Euro cup. Here is the news about the Turkey which is been defeated by Croatia in this Euro CUP 2016 football tournament.

Defeat riled the fans

Turkey has faced a very worst defeat in this Euro CUP 2016 football tournament and it suffered a lot due to the 1 – 0 result from the match which they played. Critics are saying that the manner of the defeat faced by the Turkey is not so bad and even though it greatly destroyed the expectations of the fans. It is found that most of the fans are greatly riled and this is a very bad result not only for the team but also for the fans of that team.

A theory

This match which held between the Turkey and the Croatia is found to be a very great encounter for both the team and mainly for the Turkey and this is considered to be a very important the critics say that this match is a very great theory which will improve the other teams to do better in their next matches.

Failure in closing down the opposition

The great turkey is suffering a lot for their mistake and it is that they have faced a very great slow done in their opposition role. The critics say that when the ball of the game came close, the great popular player of the Turkish team who is Cenk Tosun got isolated in the upfront position and this made the opponent make use of the chance very effectively and the victory is now in the hands of the opponent of the Turkish who is Crotia.

This is found to be a very great theory and all the other players are now analyzing this great fall and they are trying to avoid this main mistake in their upcoming match. Even though Turkey is a very talented team it has to face such a pathetic result in the recent match which is conducted by the Euro CUP tournament 2016.