Euro cup scheduled

Euro cup scheduled

Latest news about Euro cup scheduled to be held this year 2016

Euro cup is the one of the most famous football tournament and it is sure that it has interesting history. There are much information about Euro cup and especially the place in which the tournament is going to be held. Millions of fans around the world are waiting for the news about this tournament since there is always a huge hype about the tournament that has many twits and factors for entertainment and thrill. The schedule of Euro cup is been already announced by UEFA which is the association of Europe with the agreement from FIFA. As per the EURO CUP news at present the tournament is schedule from June 10 2016 to July 10 2016.

Much number of Euro cup tournament fans has been waiting for the official news about the country in which the tournament is going to be held. After serious voting sessions finally France beat Italy and Turkey with successful number of votes to host the tournament. This announcement has made the fans from France to be super happy as they can make plans to watch the tournament. Countries always feel prestigious to host Euro cup tournament and this time the privilege has been given to France through voting. The voting has been conducted successfully by the UEFA and the members of UEFA are the persons who caste the vote to choose which the country can host the cup.

It has been announced by France that they host the games of the tournament in 11 different stadiums in which four of them are new and 7 stadiums are existing that needs to be renovated for this tournament. For Europeans like France hosting Euro cup is an honor that they desire and they treat the hosting opportunity as a great privilege. The Europeans will be very fascinated about football so they do anything for foot ball. UEFA announced the schedules for the tournament with the details of event place, matches, and referees for the matches and all other information regarding the football tournament. Fans of foot ball game and the fans of Euro cup tournament are fervently waiting for the new updates about the tournament.

The news about the Euro cup 2016 starts the day for many people as they are eagerly waiting for the official news and announcements. UEFA has announced about the play off or qualify matches and the official teams participating in the tournament as been declared with the details of the players playing in the tournament. Groups have been separated and fixed that each group consists of set of teams or countries and every team in a group has to play against the teams that is scheduled for them. Important EURO CUP news at present is that first time ever in Euro cup, 24 teams are participating in the tournament this year.