Etiquette in a Casino

Etiquette in a Casino

There Is No Need to Act like a Dork in a Casino You think etiquette in a casino ain’t important? You look around the next time you walk into a casino and see if you don’t see people acting like dorks, oblivious to everyone around them. Some people have one quirk or maybe two, some have three or four, others like Etta Gerk has no casino etiquette at all. During the course of a day, she’ll break 70% of these rules and on a good day will smash them all.

Here’s what she’ll do: Wait for someone to turn their back at a casinoslot machine and she’ll run up and start playing; Sit at a Blackjack table and blow smoke out of her mouth, her left nostril and her right ear, making sure she hits everybody on both sides; At the Roulette table she has spilled her drink at 16 consecutiveSessions; At 8 of those Sessions she had a doubleheader. She knocked over her neighbor’s drink, reaching for a far number; At the Craps table she makes her bet as the dice come out, changing the flow of the dice when cubes hit her hand; Insults the casino cocktail waitress for bringing a weak drink (it was free, of course, and she ain’t never left a tip in all the time she visits the casino); Constantly, I mean continuously, badgers casino floor people for comps, even though her play does not warrant them; On busy days, ties up 6 quarter machines at once, while people walk around, looking for Slots to play at the casino; Offers constant advice to people at the machines as to their playing too fast, or not fast enough.

a pest; Has the brazen audacity to ask for cigarettes, candy, or cookies from strangers, and to borrow money from her traveling companions. Etta Gerk is a jerk and a pest. Her behavior spares no one. The crazy thing is that people tolerate “gerks” like this in a casino, instead of just ignoring them. I know it’s hard to put someone like this in their place, but until they are taught that you ain’t gonna tolerate their nonsense, they’ll continue their abusive behavior in the casino. The casino personnel put up with people like this every day.

They have a saying that encompasses all of these “gerks”: “When a known pest comes through the door, Don’t sink to their level, ignore the bore!” You’d do well to heed that advice, unless of course you’re guilty of a couple of these things. If you are… well, that’s another story!

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