England Getting To The Better Hand In World Cup

England Getting To The Better Hand In World Cup

Even though it is said that the game of cricket originated back in the country of England, they have not even won a single cup in the world cup match. Even when they are number one in the list of teams, they have not even lifted the cup even once in the career of cricket. It is now the expectation of the whole world that England must win the cup even once in their career. That too, starting from the olden days of cricket, the rival always existed between Australia and England. Even though they both are separated to a vast extent, they are one of the rivals in the world of cricket. The Ashes trophy is the best example for this case where the cup is actually a rival designed series between them. It is still unknown for the fans of cricket in England to make their dream to come true in the current event of world cup match. Even though they are now perfectly tuned to win the match and to get better benefit, it is not a simple thing for the team to achieve well in the new place.

New hope through tri series

It is a difficult thing for most of the people to come to a conclusion on whether they can able to believe team England as a contender for the trophy this time. Since Australia is one of the team that is very strong in their local pitches, the point is not very clear in the aspect that whether they can able to go beyond a level in the series. Even though they are losers in the tri series against team Australia, they are mentally prepared and tested their winning strategy with the current champion team India. The victory for them is that the team England can able to get adapted to the new condition and prepare well there. Also players in team England is very active and energetic that they can able to proceed further with the same kind of spirit and insight in the match.

The problem with the team England in most of the finals is that they will reach out to the ultimate end and suddenly go out of their form in the middle of the match. In this way, it is very difficult for them to get better results in most of the event. Also except team Australia and old West Indies team, no team has reached to the finals and won the cup more than once. Hence the stage is now opened up for all teams out there in Australia where they are also prepared well to keep the cup that came to their soil. The matches in the current world cup will be much fiercer since expectation from audience of each team is growing day by day. The real fever of cricket is also on for the players too where they have to get their position in a better way and to lift the cup in favour of their country.

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