Elisa Aguilar

Elisa Aguilar

Elisa Aguilar: “Basketball as a tool against violence”

The new phase of ‘Fans Against Violence’ program has a headquarters, Kaunas, and protagonist, 3×3 basketball. His ‘project leader’, Elisa Aguilar, said “Basketball values fit perfectly into the goal of this project.”


With the experience of 222 international matches, 8 Cups Queen and five league titles, Elisa Aguilar has been involved with passion in the ‘Fans Against Violence’ program, in which the FEB is working with the Federation of Basketball Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia with the aim of studying the problem of violence in European basketball and possible solutions. “coexistence and group work for three days between fans of different clubs and different countries was essential to advance in the project ” says Elisa Aguilar on the visit to Madrid and the working sessions that took place in early February. The next stage takes ‘Fans Against Violence’ to Kaunas, where on Sunday May 1st an international basketball tournament between teams of 3×3 fans of the five countries will be held: “the idea is similar; use basketball as a tool against violence, as an integrator fans. They are passionate about the sport and we get to use that passion to have fun, socialize and enjoy. Basketball values fit perfectly into the goal of this project. ” Twelve players and Spanish players will travel to Kaunas for three days.

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They won the right in the tournament 3×3 Go Fit which was played earlier this year in Madrid and will go to Lithuania where in addition to competition will enjoy a unique experience. Aguilar said that “we have opted for 3×3 basketball because it is a very dynamic, fun and easier to practice for the amateur mode. . From the FEB and FIBA We are promoting the 3×3 with the long – term goal of being able to make Olympic discipline ” Together with Elisa will be in Kaunas Antonio Navas, ‘project manager’ of Fans Against Violence in Spain: ” In addition to the competition, tournament participants will visit the city, representative monuments, and even the Zalgirio Arena, a ‘temple’ for lovers of basketball. The idea is that you can learn in and out of the track, giving another meaning to the word ‘rivals . ‘ ” Navas explains that federations such as Turkey and Lithuania take the example of Spain as a hobby exemplary smoothly with violence: ” in the visit to Madrid were shocked when they witnessed the Madrid derby Endesa League with fans from opposing teams in the same sector tier Barclaycard Center. A maximum rivalry match with tension, excitement, … but without any violence. “