Element and Highlights

Element and Highlights

Element and Highlights of a cricket game

Cricket is a fantasy game for all the people in the world. Cricket has spreaded its roots all over the world than any other popular game. Its popularity is now created diehard fans. Whenever a match is scheduled, from the kid to adult get immersed in the match generally known to be cricket fever. They get addicted to the cricket match and won’t be get off from the place till the match ends. So what makes them to get addicted let’s see now.

Cricket is an outdoor game played in a huge playground with bat and ball. The match is coined between two teams like Team A and Team B. Both the team has 11 players each. Each team has to do batting and bowling based on the tossing of coin. The team captains of both the team have to toss the coin in front of an umpire who will judge them to field or bat. It is to the choice of the captain to play batting or bowling. The game is now played in the main surface of the ground or field named “pitch” of about 22yard. The pitch should be verified before the match begins to ensure the field which gives perfect play area to the players. Some time artificial pitching is also created to compensate the bad pitch or ground condition.

The bat, ball and stump are the main things used in the game. There 3wooden stumps and are connected with 2 small wooden pieces named bails. These stumps are placed at the sides of both the ends of the pitching surface and have a distance of 20 yards between them. Before both the stumps a crease line is drawn which restrict both the bowler and the batting person within it. In general there are 6 key elements categorized in a cricket game. The first one is bowling. The bowling part actually refers to a bowler throw the ball with one pitch that hits directly to the batter. The aim of the bowler is take wicket, i.e. he targets the batter and makes him to out of the game. The bowlers have some rules to follow. If he overdo against the rule then he may be disqualified.

The batting element refers to the batter who is in need to hit the ball and is needed to score runs. There are always two batters in the play area. Both of them have the job to score run by running to opposite ends. They may get single, double or triple runs which depends on the field capacity of the opposite team and also the tactics of the batting team. Fielding also a part of the game, here the fielder should be conscious on the ball to get caught it or to obstruct it from reaching the boundary. Thereby they help their bowler and also they constraint the batting team to score more. There are 3 umpires, 2 of them in the ground and one is a third umpire to judge and make decision in the game. Cricket game has its own rules and regulations and should be maintained throughout the game to earn trophies.