Electronic Poker What it is and what it consists of

Electronic Poker What it is and what it consists of

Posted on June 18, 2024 by in Gambling
Electronic Poker

Betting the day we have already explained how to play poker and two types of cards and numbers there but I still have not spoken of electronic poker and automatic so today we will explain what it is.

And is that although poker seems a game that has been relegated to oblivion by the appearance of other more modern, the truth is that in Spain there are more than 700 Poker halls distributed throughout the country. Therefore, in Bets to the day e wanted to dedicate a post to what is still one of the most played games of chance in our country, electronic poker.

electronic  Poker

Automatic Poker is another version of poker, in this case 3.0. It is played online or downloading a software for it. On the internet there are many pages in which you can download a version of this game totally free.

Instead, electronic poker is present in most casinos around the world. While, as we have said, automatic poker can be played from the network itself, electronic poker yes we can find it in the usual game rooms. However, you can find numerous portals in which they call automatic to what would be electronic poker and vice versa.

Among the many definitions of electronic poker, in Bets to the day we are with this one. And is that electronic poker is considered “the game of electronic poker that is developed in establishments interconnected to the effect and attached to a distribution network”.

Within the electronic poker there are different modalities; From flash poker to cash poker.

flash poker

The flash mode consists of taking three numbers out of a total of 15. Thus, the draw will consist of extracting a total of 9 balls. On the other hand, the cards used in flash poker have 3 numbers – comprised between 1 and 15 – with a predetermined color of 6 possible.

Online poker

In online electronic poker the card collects a selection of 15 numbers out of a total of 90 possible. In fact, the only difference with traditional poker is that it is used online.

Naturally, the player will have to buy from his computer the cartons he wants to play, appearing on the screens immediately after the purchase. In electronic poker, all players who are connected to that portal will play the same game.

cash poker

As in online electronic poker, it is played with virtual cards. These cards have a total of 16 numbers out of a possible 80. They have four columns with four numbers each.

In this way, we will see that in the first column are placed the numbers that go from 1 to 20, the column is of red color. In the second column they make the own numbers from 21 to 40, in this case the color is yellow. Already in the third column we will see the numbers between 41 and 60, with its color being blue. Finally, the fourth column is composed of numbers between 61 and 80 and its color is white.

Poker 33

Here you can also play with the most usual cardboard format, which has 15 numbers out of 90 possible. It is also played online, where the player buys, in advance, the cards he wants to play. After making the purchase, we proceed to extract the balls, in total there will be 33 to be removed.

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