El Dorado The City of Gold Casino Game Review

El Dorado The City of Gold Casino Game Review

El Dorado The City of Gold Casino Game with all the options like the RTP, pay-lines and the Progressive Jackpot. Watch El Dorado The City of Gold Casino to be aware with the free spins, multipliers and the free bonuses which were given by the casino makers of that game. We always tried to give you a comprehensive detail of the casino games. Here is the brief story of the El Dorado the City of Gold Slot .

An upcoming game in 2020, this slot is ready in January for the gambler from the areas of the casino in the whole world. This is the invention of the Pragmatic Play casinos. The concept of the gold city made this game very attractive for the player to give them high payout. Also the RTP and the re-spin option added more prizes into the account of the users of the casino.

Options in the El Dorado The City of Gold Casino Game

Like the other features of the casino slot, the El Dorado The City of Gold Casino Game composed of 5by3 reels and the numbers of pay-lines are 25. Having different kind of the options made this game is so impressive for the users of it. The huge Jackpot of the game is $1,050,000 which showed an enormous amount in single round and per spin. The advantage of the re-spin, wilds, scatters and Return to the Players make it interesting also.

The betting range of the El Dorado The City of Gold Casino Game is between from $0.25 to the mega amount of $100. No one can release the casino slot game without the option of the mobile phone. So, this game also included the option of the cell phone in it.

What is the method to play El Dorado The City of Gold to win?

At the start of the game, you should use the symbols of the Aztec Warrior which will work for you like the alternate to show on the reels of the casino slot. Until, you did not see all the reels on the screen, you will be unable to make the pairs of the symbols. You have to win many times to reach you target in the game. The signs of the Red Gemstones showed the money symbol and these sign will rise on the reels for four times. The next reel which the 5th ones will lay to collect icon and you also have to get the 1 symbol with the one plus money signs for the 4 columns.

In the method of alternate, you can get cash from each of the symbols and also spread the symbols to get maximum cash from this by the doing the option of the re-spin. The choice to spread the symbols can be done by the multiplier feature in the game. The colors in the slot are the blue, pink and the purple also.

On the center of the vertically line, the player can avail the option of the free spin by triggering the symbols of the Aztec Temple to get scatters for 3 times. On the result of this strategy, you can pick 8 free spins then you can do retrigger also. Reel 5 will give you money symbols and the free bonuses for the gambler of the slot. Watch the methods that how to play the EI Dorado The City of the Golden to get more prizes in the slot of the casino.

Design and the Theme of the EI Dorado The City of Golden

Having an attractive theme and layout of the casino game, it is based in the South America forests. This slot game used to find the city of the EI Dorado where some false information came about the gold. Classic but the theme has not any problem for the gamblers of the casino due the presence of the signs of the Warriors, Princess and the Leopards also.


Having well RTP, options in the game, grand payouts and attractive looking make this game to catch the market of the casino.