El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Review

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Review

Among the successful titles that we have found in the Yggdrasil Masters series, ReelPlay’s slots will always stand out. El Dorado Infinity Reels is one of the more imperative releases up until this point, a game which has an innovative game motor, one which will be fascinating for players that are tired with the typical options that are presently available.

El Dorado Infinity Reels delivers a system where you start with 3×4 reels and the game region expands from that point, permitting you to form winning mixes with 5+ images. The RTP can be just about as low as 95.51% or as high as 96.54%, contingent upon what you are doing inside. Payouts will go up to 6,250x the stake with the cap being at $250,000. Among the significant features that we’ve seen inside, there are the Infinity Reels, free spins and expanding multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

Most popular online slots permit you to select the bet for the upcoming spin, with no idea given to the line wager which we likewise see here. The range is between $0.20 and $40.

Concerning the top payouts, quite possibly you can get paid as much as $250,000 cash, at the highest wager. It’s highest return of 6,250x the stake in a slot which has High instability.

The RTP changes, based on your choices once the free spins kick in. In a most ideal situation, it’s at 96.54%.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Features

To form a combination and get paid, you must have at least 5 matching images showing up from left to right on convective reels.

You only begin with 3 reels, so really getting paid requires that you grow the game region first. This occurs after each successful combination formed, by one reel and by then the multiplier is increased by 1x also.

As long as you get extra matching images on the new reels, the expansion proceeds.

You get paid a fixed amount for every image that is in the combination, and once you get to 15 reels, there is a bonanza worth 888x the stake that is paid also.

They call it Infinity Reels for a good reason and that is the absence of limits when it comes to the number of reels you can get per spin. Obviously, the top wins do have a limit, of 6,250x the stake.

Notwithstanding those strange mechanics, there are some basic features present also. You can get 10 free spins from it, in the event that you form a combination with Temple images. You can play through the free spins immediately, or you can store or bet them. Use them later, when you gather more and the multiplier for the 10 spins will be higher (going up by 2x, 3x, 4x for each new reel). The RTP is higher also, on the off chance that you pick a long-term strategy with regards to free spins.

Concerning the wild, appeared with the picture of an Aztec Man, it is to be utilized as a feature of any new mixes you can form.

Theme and Design

The technicians may be new in El Dorado Infinity Reels but the theme and design are genuinely normal. El Dorado or the City of Gold, is important for the legends of the Aztec Empire. This is a game with images that include gemstones for low positions (six in just as many different colors) with masks in the top four symbols. A wild Aztec Man is available too.


El Dorado Infinity Reels is not a boring slot and that is its advantage over others. It won’t pay a huge top prize and it doesn’t have an extraordinary RTP except if you make the right choices and you play it over the long haul, so based on that, I would say it won’t be an great decision long term.

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