Eastern Lights Casino Game Review

Eastern Lights Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Eastern Lights Casino Game Review

Eastern Lights Casino Game made by the Merkur to release at the start of 2020 has a different kind of feature in it for the gamblers. It is a typical slot with the same symbols as in the previous but some of the graphics features are too different. The review of the Eastern Lights composed of the reels, pay-lines, betting range, multipliers, wilds, multipliers and the free spins developed to amuse the gamblers all over the world. Here are the basic functions and features of the slot machine.

Eastern Lights casino game can be played by downloading the software which is required to run the game. Online betting for the Eastern Lights will produce more players than the offline in the casino stations as physically.

Basic Options in the Slot Machine

The Eastern Lights game added 5 reels with the 20 pay-lines to release the payout of 6000x which is almost equal to the $24000. The Return to the Player posted by the makers of the Eastern Lights is up to 96.05% as an average but not too bad for the wagers of the casino. The available symbols in the game are the Colossal, Wilds symbols and scatter for bonus lift the game in the market of the Casino.

Betting and Payout

A single line from all the 20 given lines can be obtained for playing to give the bet of only $2 whereas all the lines can be covered by giving $40 to the slot machine makers. The minimum range of the betting for a single line begins from the $0.20 to the $40. The RTP which is more than 96% added more excitement in the entire play of the casino game. The payout from the slot is up to the $24000 like a high volatility game. Free spins, rounds, multipliers, and wilds symbol are the other options for the users to get some more prize from the casino game.

How to Play

This game is very easy to play instead of the other casino games because you do not need to do manual work for the symbols to fall on the reels. The game will do all the required work as an owner from left to the right of the lines or in the center of the reels. You would be paid if just 3 symbols fall on the reel which is too impressive for the gambler for the 1st time.

One of the other symbols which can play a vital role in the presence of the Colossal Wilds which was not expecting from the wagers and the bookies also. The only size of the wilds of 2by2, you can get wilds of 4. It can show on the 2 to 4 reels. The 2 painted fish picture will become from all the 4 symbols.

Magical lamp free games can be avail from the Bonus symbol to hold the lamp on the hands of the women. The entire symbol which you need will be present on the odd reels like 1, 3 and 5 also at the exact time. You have to play 3 rounds there with the three levels where you will get 2 lamps in each of the levels. All the levels will give more payouts to the gambler. The RTP in the slot also gives some favor to the player.


The theme of the slot of the Eastern Lights attached some old ways in the game but on the other hand, there are also some new hopes for the users. It is the Chinese base theme but failed to impress the gambler due to the former addition in the game. The overall look of the casino game is not usual but has to compete for the market for traffic for it. The symbols of the painted fishes, lantern, birds, flowers, papers and Royal can give some source of fun to the users.


A very fair slot machine casino game with the previous options and the features in it with the various ways could be not facing the high volatility slots in the market. But, there some hope for a better result in the industry of online betting.

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