Eagerly Waiting for 2015

Eagerly Waiting for 2015

Eagerly Waiting for 2015 World Cup Champions

Cricket is one of the outdoor games played at the centre of grass ground where bat and ball is the important requirement for playing the game. Hence the sport is also commonly known as bat and ball outdoor game. Cricket is the sport which is necessary to relax ourselves from our daily work pressure. The match is between two teams, to play the game one team has to bat and the other team has to field. A coin is tossed before starting the match with the help of two team captains. Captain who wins the coin tossing can choose either batting or to fielding. Each team as 11 players and the target of the player is to achieve a run extra of the opponent team. Batsman target is to run and score high without getting out or caught by the fielder. In each play there will be two batsmen standing on the pitch to gain runs to their team. Bowler target is to defeat the batsman with his own team fielding support by bowling the ball. Defeating the batsman is called as out which means the current player need to leave the field and next batsman from his own team need to replace his position.

Bat and ball is an important entity in playing cricket. Bat is made up of wood which is white in color and as cylindrical top which is the handle and flat blade surface at bottom which is to hit the ball to score run. The length of the cricket bat is 38 inches. The ball is spheroid in shape and made up of hard layered leather. The circumstance of the spheroid cricket ball is 9 inches. Pitch is at the centre of the ground which is rectangular in shape where the match takes place. Over is the important key term in playing cricket. A set of six balls is called as over. In one day match there will be 50 over and hence there will 300 balls in a match. In twenty-twenty match there will be 20 over and hence there will be 120 balls in an innings. At the end of the pitch there will be three wooden stumps which are vertically placed and are connected through two horizontal bails. Umpire plays important person who controls the player while playing cricket. There will be two umpire one standing at the bowlers end called the wicket end and the other at the current batsman side which is called as square leg.

Cricket world cup is a one day international match and organized by International Cricket Council (ICC). The cricket world cup 2015 is shared and hosted by Australia and New Zealand countries. There are 14 countries playing in 2015 world cup cricket and are divided into two groups. The format followed is round robin. The world cup 2015 is started 14 February and final match will be held on 29 March 2015. The final match will be played in Melbourne and semi final match will be played in Sydney and Auckland which is decided by ICC. People were eagerly waiting for the 2015 champions.

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