Dutch man gets a big win at Lapalingo Casino

Dutch man gets a big win at Lapalingo Casino

To make quite a few euro from a few euro, one must always gamble. After all, even putting money on the stock market is a bargain, sometimes with more and sometimes with less risk. In the casino you can of course also gamble and make little money. This is what a Dutch player has shown at the Lapalingo Casino . Because he has made a lot with Fortuna’s help in playing a slot with a lot and is rewarded for his playing.

As a new customer, the perfect start

The fortune from the Netherlands has greatly increased its money and secured a great profit at Lapalingo Casino. And the whole thing also as new customer! Because the Dutchman played with his first deposit and the welcome bonus. Thus, the lucky winner had 700 € of gambling credits available through his deposit of 350 euros and the 100% welcome bonus. So the Lucky was also at the 300 Shields Slot of Microgaming released and made its start in the Lapalingo casino only perfect. For the bonus credit from the welcome bonus he would not have actually needed. Finally, the Dutchman just made the 300 Shields slot from five euros almost 17,000 euros. This may well be called a mega may multiplication. Finally, the lucky new customer has increased its use by 3,400-fold. And this is surely a very special moment for every casinocaster when suddenly a big profit is displayed. Lapalingo Casino has also voted the Dutch player as Lapalingo winner of the month of January 2017, which is certainly due to the fact that the luck is also completely new in the casino and quasi with its first game attempts cleared this great profit.

300 Shields Slot is a popular slot machine

The 300 Shields Slot is a very popular game, according to Lapalingo Casino. Because especially at this slot of Microgaming wait very many examples on the players. These are activated immediately as soon as the player has at least three signs in the game. And then the game party starts off right. After all, all players get good opportunities to win much more. In every round, there are other signs that the player can collect with luck. And when that happens, the profit increases automatically. Finally, the signs in the examples are also simultaneously the profit multiplier. Up to 300 shields, so 300 shields can be collected. The players who do this are then rewarded with 300 times their normal profit. Great winnings and of course a lot of fun and a high adrenaline mirror are waiting for every gamer at the 300 Shields Slot.

You just have to imagine what a huge gain you can dodge if you have collected the 300 Shields and the normal profit is simply multiplied by the value of 300. And you already know how happy you are, and what a sense of happiness the Dutchman must have had when he was suddenly richer by almost 17,000 euros.