Duel favorites today

Duel favorites today

Duel favorites today, Zlatorog again on the lookout

In the semi-finals of Spar Cup title defender of Krka put champion, Lasko after wins over Olimpija with Swallow.

Ljubljana – In announcing the final tournament Spar Cup in Tivoli have optimists among Olimpija fans promised at least partially revive the good old times of the club. We were greeted back in 1996, when their pets first and last until Wednesday not ranked among the best cup Quartet. Today will hit the floor at the Ljubljana Krka and typhoon and Zlatorog and Swallow.

Unexpected but deserved the loss of 19-times champion has only caused a change in the list of participants compared to last year’s final event. Among the top four has jumped newcomer in the league Telemach Swallow from Domžale, which is in turn eliminated Gorenja vas Ajdovščino, Triglav, Terme Olimia and the first listing in the quarter-finals in the history of the club until the hops. In the semi-finals it will be greeted by Zlatorog, which has a much richer cup of origin, because it is eight times broke into the finals and in 2004 also won the trophy, his skills could again appear in this year’s quarter-finals, which is twice ugnal Olympia. His main contender Goran Jurak, which was first performed at the final tournament in 1998, but won the trophy five years later Olimpija jersey is the real lesson that makes a lot of courage to younger competitors. Nothing he did not bother to count for almost 39 years and that his ankle Tuesday after the wine is most similar to Krvavica.

Finals in the former house of Slovenian basketball will be opened Krka and typhoon, and add it to your list of bitter fights a new chapter. In the past the cup semi-finals have been successful Novo mesto with 66:65 in the semifinals DP them Šentjurčani reciprocated with 2: 0 wins, the rivalry has continued this season. Slovenian Supercup belonged typhoon with 72:60, also the first confrontation in the league ABA with 74:51, revanšo she got Krka 103: 96, but only after two extra time. Rezultatski trend therefore tends scales in national champions, but we must not forget that only in a duel with Šenčur GGD interrupted series of ten defeats in regional championships that end of season left without center Emir Zimić and the convalescent Ceola Clark far from true the organizing patterns. In both camps, however, they emphasize that the final tournament special laws.

“Cup competitions always bring a lot of surprises, which this year has already seen. Typhoon is a great motivation for us and also his third consecutive Cup Spar is a special challenge. We very much appreciate the results of Šentjur club and I expect an open match, but I hope to form a good day and our joy, “assessed the coach defending champion Krka, Vladimir Anzulović. Šentjur His colleague Dejan Mihevc nodded: “The Cup is really anything can happen, but participate in it to win it. The Krka We have produced a lot of good battles and all have shown that we can expect an interesting and difficult match, after which I hope that the outcome will be different than it was last year in Laško. “