Draymond took upper

Draymond took upper

Draymond took upper hand on Cleveland Cavaliers leading Golden State Warriors to win

The match between Golden State Warriors and Cavaliers was really awesome to watch and the fans of basketball player are overwhelming with the performance of Draymond Green. He has proved that once again that he is one of the fabulous player who puts utmost efforts to lead the team to win the game. Cleveland Cavaliers was giving tight competition and the play was really outstanding as the battle between the teams is of top quality that is remarkable in our mind. This match between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors is a treat to the NBA fans who relish this till the same quality match occurs. Draymond Green is the hero of this match as he played a match in which he is fiercely taking control over the opponents to beat them as quick as possible.

Draymond has scored most of the points in the game to take the lead where he was rushing either side of the court to block and also to score. After seeing the match play of the Cleveland he planned to take the lead at any cost since he felt they give a competitive fight. At one point of the game he realized that he should start dominating through blocks and scores without which they would fail in the game. After taking this decision he changed the pace of the game and started scoring points. He took the lead in the three point line with five for eight and motivated all the other team players to score more points through which winning will be easy.

Initially they were running short of scores from then Draymond Green started scoring points. If Draymond Green would not started scoring points they team would have failed to win the game. The players supported Draymond Green to gain scores and all the fans NBA has seen the skills of Draymond visibly. It is he who took the game that was down and created excitement and interest on the filed for all the fans and spectators. Even the fans of Cleveland Cavaliers has praise the performance of Draymond though they are down with the loss of their team. Cleveland Cavaliers was taking the lead in the beginning but after the break Golden state warriors started their domination and it is mainly happened by Draymond Green.

The spectators in the stadium were shouting for both the teams and the game was like a festival for the fans of NBA. Important news that is been spoken in all the channels that this victory is the best evet for Golden State Warriors who wants to keep their winning momentum unstoppable. After the game the ranking of Golden State Warriors and the ranking of the players of Golden State Warriors have increased and the team is being the news for so many days. American NBA is always great for Americans as football is for Europeans which is being proved in different tournaments of NBA game. After losing the game Cavaliers said that we could not make it since the Golden State Warriors didn’t let us to win the game at any point of the game.