Double steering on Unibet! Two players win big at sports betting, including a new highscore

Double steering on Unibet! Two players win big at sports betting, including a new highscore

Sports betting on Unibet works very hard. So much so that two online players managed to rob the bank in a few days. The first bet €0.10 only to pocket €107.437, the second risked €1.66 to win the tidy sum of €89.797. Spot the details of these two exceptional winnings!

New rating record on Unibet!

Cyril A. started the festivities with an incredible score of 716,249 against 1. His bet on the verge of the impossible was made on 16 football matches, all predicted to perfection. By making this crazy bet, he crushes the record of odds beaten on Unibet!

His bet of only 10 cents is transformed into a gain of 107.437€! The 16 games brought him € 71,624, to which is added his bonus Multimax at 50%, or €35,812 more.

How do you feel after this odds?

“It’s really huge, I still do not realize! I did not think I was the first in Unibet’ s history when I realized such a rating! ”

Which match did you doubt the most?

“On Saint-Etienne-Angers, I was hot! I was like crazy when I saw that they had won. ”

What do you plan to do with € 107,437?

“I’m going to please my wife and my five children. Then I will leave on two new cars. With such a sum, I will be able to afford it now! ”

Another impressive handset for Joey

Shortly after Cyril’s new odds, another player identified as Joey L. also exploded his initial bet, pocketing €89,797, betting only € 1.66. Not bad either?

Joey bet on 17 football games to try a rating of 36,063 against 1. His bet of €1.66 has therefore turned into €59,865, not counting the Multimax bonus of 50%, for €29,932 more. He manages to grab a gain, less important than that of Cyril, but still very impressive!

How did you live your evening?

“I followed all the matches of my combo one by one. I was in crazy stress! Here it is, while I speak to you, I have just seen that I have won another €600 on the Games. Thank you Martin Fourcade! ”

What was your technique?

“At first I bet according to my instinct, then I look a lot at the statistics of the teams. The tool on Unibet avoids opening a web page next door. ”

What do you plan to do with 89,766?

“This weekend I went to the dealership to repair my car. So, I’ll fix it, sell it and buy a new one! “