Double hit for an online bettor! He validates two sports bets in a few days for €326,000 of winnings!

Double hit for an online bettor! He validates two sports bets in a few days for €326,000 of winnings!

An online better known as Aymen F has achieved the feat of winning two major sports bets at two different gaming sites to pocket more than €326,000. All in a few days and having bet only 150€ … What an achievement!

A particularly instinctive bettor

‘Jealous Mode On’

How is it possible to have so much luck in so little time? The feat of this person is truly unheard of in France! Aymen F, a serial puncher raging on the web, has validated two very beautiful odds in the space of a few days to pocket a gain that will allow him to buy a house. How is it possible? Why not leave it for others…

‘Jealous Mode Disabled’

Aymen was first noticed on Winamax by literally bursting the challenge of the Golden Boy last week with a very generous grid. Indeed, his combined 13 games needed to pass a global score of 1,723 against 1. By betting €100, he earned €172.359. This bet in itself is already incredible!

Most of the games bet were Conforama League 1 matches (yes now we have to add the name of this chain of furniture …) with overall odds of less than 2.

One would have thought that Aymen was satiated but not at all since we learned this week that he reiterated a similar feat on Unibet. With this second bet, he enters the history of the site by validating a new record of gain!

The story is repeated on Unibet

Aymen has decided to place another of his handsets that he has the secret, retrying part of the games that had won on Winamax. This time, the odds were a little more difficult because 14 games were attempted and the odds were slightly more daring. In the end, his bet of 50€ aimed at a score of 2,058 against 1 and offered him on a plateau a gain of 154,336€!

Its net gain was 102.907€, to which is added the famous Multimax bonus of Unibet for 51.428€ more. In a few days, the serial punter thus validates more than 326,000€ of gains! Incredible story that left his hero speechless…

“It’s crazy! I hardly realize, I did not believe it. Frankly, I’m so happy! ”

He also admitted to having dropped some big sweats during the Genoa – AC Milan game with a goal in the 94th minute that saves him and already plans to buy a house with the gains made in less than a week. Congratulations to him!