Double Bang Crackers Casino Game Review

Double Bang Crackers Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Double Bang Crackers Casino Game Review

Double Bang Crackers Casino Game is made on the city of China (Shanghai) with some of the decent features and symbols in it. The slot of Double Bang is scheduled to release in the market of casino in March 2020 by the NetEnt designers. Double Bang Crackers slot showed the culture of the city for the players of the Asian market. The review of the game composed of all the required information which is included in the slot-like reels, payout, betting range and multipliers with the free spins.

The Double Bang Casino game can be played very easily through the mobile phone of android by getting the application and software for the casino games. Here are the functions and the features if the slot.

Functions in the Slot

The NetEnt designers of the game added 5 reels and just 10 pay-lines of the players of the casino to release the winning amount of 1000x by doing the betting of $0.10 to the $200 which is too inspired. Having no Progressive Jackpot in the slot, the Return to the Players settled from the makers of the game is up to the 96.10% as an average RTP. But, the presence of the free spins, multipliers, and stacks at the crucial stage could be the cause to lift the slot in the market of the casino.

Betting Range and Payout

It is composed of the top payout in the amount of the 1000x and the availability of the multipliers, wilds, free spins, and gong also increased the value of the game. The betting for the slot of Double Bang Crackers is started with the $0.10 to the $200 for the high rate gamblers in the casino market. The Return to the Players also added some coins to the payouts.

How to Play

The location of the two valuable symbols in the slot would play a vital role for the gambler as these two created him premium symbols. The presence of the icons in the will not give any hope to the users of the casino. From the wilds option, the symbols of lower value can make the combinations and alternate with the regular symbols for getting a maximum prize for 9 symbols.

The stacked premium symbol can also be picked with wilds but in the area of the free spin in the slot. The wilds expected from the wagers could be gain but there is nothing in these symbols for the amount of prize after doing the work of the replacements.

After the appearances of the scatters symbols of 3 to 5, free spins gained from 15 to the 30 round which gave some fun and pleasure to the gambler. The free strength from the slot is the presence of the stacked wilds in the game to retrigger for free spins once again for 2 scatters.

To play this slot of NetEnt is not so easy due the having the complicated options and features in the slot. The gamblers always like the multipliers, free spins, bonus, no deposit and easy symbols in the slot to make the combinations and pairs for replacement but here is the situation is entirely different. Get accurate experience to get a high payout by playing it physically at the Casino stations. All the casino games always rely on the luck of the player of gambling.


The theme of the game based on the Chinese culture due to the presence of the gong and drums with the Royals and the envelopes in it. All these features made the slot very typical in the casino market in front of the other game. But, the comments of the casino experts are not in favor of the slot because of the typical design of the game one again.


The slot of the Double Bang Crackers must be very attractive among the players of the casino with a couple of good features. While, on the other hand, the lower volatility, RTP and functions may be a problem. The payout from the authority of the game is the last hope to gain the players.

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