Does politics play

Does politics play

Does politics play football in Euro cup 2016

Euro cup is the most famous foot ball game organized by UEFA and it has been the most favorite football tournament of all time after the world cup. Currently France hosting the cup and the matches between the countries are too awesome to watch. As usually there are some problems that leave some doubt among the fans that is there politics playing in between the tournament. The football fans of each country are very fervent and ardent as they have their favorite country playing the tournament and also there are a lot of favorite players playing in a full swing.

The fans of the foot ball game are known for aggressiveness and fanatics from so long time. In each and every time there will be some problem between the fans or among the fans either on the stadium or off the stadium. Probably it becomes viral every time and there will be disciplinary actions taken so that such incidents will not happen again. But every time in each tournament the fans will do it again and again because they are crazy for the foot ball game and the players playing on the ground.

It does not matter about the country and the player most of the fans will have more than one team as their favorite and more than one player as their favorite which makes the foot ball fans a crazy people. They are too crazy for the game and want to watch all the game without fail. This Euro cup 2016 has been called as largest Euro cup and the biggest Euro cup and sometimes even as the richest Euro cup but there are incidents happening the lows the value of the fans and the tournament and becomes problem for the country that plays in the tournament.

Russia is the team banned from playing the Euro cup 2016 since after the problems made by fans. When the fans become offensive then the team faces the problem in one way or the other but this time this ban has shocked the fans and the football lovers and they doubt that whether it is a disciplinary action or an action because of politics. After the cruelty of the Russian supporters at a stadium in France the disciplinary committee has banned the Russian team because of its supporter’s cruel actions.

The team has come to the tournament but if the supporters would not have made problems then the team would be playing the tournament. The strict action taken by the disciplinary committee has made many people to raise their eyebrows. But the football lovers and supporters commends the UEFA for giving permission to ban any nation whose supporters cause danger to the lives of the people present in and around stadium.