Djokovic vs. Murray

Djokovic vs. Murray

“The captain Leon Smith did not tempt me at all. I wanted to play. With the proviso that Kim and the baby are fine. It will be a difficult duel. Last year we had the hardest against the French, and they did not have anyone with such high renkingovĂ˝m footing is Kei Nishikori. It is in a position to win both singles.It is one of the best tennis players of the world and I come on after a break of five weeks, which is my longest pause at this stage of the season. There is no guarantee, but hopefully I’ll play well and help the team to advance, “he told The Guardian Murray, who within MS ITF pulls the cord 11 achievements.

Daughter Sophia came into the world on February 7 exactly a week after Murray’s defeat of Serb Novak Djokovic in the final of the Melbourne Grand Slam Australian Open. “Most of all I was surprised how the day-to-day changes.One can not realize it continuously, but the pictures of the witnesses. I will now for the first time since its birth more of the house. I feel bad doing so after a shorter absence, say, from morning to night, “said 28-year-old native of Scotland Dunblane.

Dad jumped can quickly become accustomed to operating activities including malodorous “After a few days I gained more confidence. I have no problems to hold her

The first four players renkingu current ATP – except Brita and Srb Novak Djokovic and Swiss Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka – the father. Murray is not worried about the negative impact on career: ‘colleges it works. Parenting is positive and not having to tennis as such a priority can benefit. Changing the angle of view when you experience abortive match or training. Results suddenly are not so much so significant, but I would like to once my daughter to be proud of what I podosahoval. “

Hero of the US Open 2012 and Wimbledon 2013 Murray lost 11 of the past 12 clashes with Djokovic but has a mental block “Every match is different. When I climbed in the Australia, it does not mean it has to succeed next time. I beat him last year in Montreal and also I do not guarantee success in the further rye. “The reigning Olympic champion from London 2012 Murray thinks he mentioned Balkan rival real may attack Federer Grand Slam record with 17 titles, although so far has” only “11 trophies from big Four “If Novak continues the current pace to end up at 23 triumph. Who would have gone after the Jews not predict whether he really and prosper? “

The other man computer ranking Murray seeks his third straight from Majors for almost three years: “When I in 2012 lost in the Wimbledon final, I could not know if it ever comes to my advice. Then I succeeded at the US Open and was followed by questions what is going on. I said to myself that if I took so long to score points premiere, we can not say whether there will be rerun. It has occurred, but now I have two years to dry and re-raises doubts. However, I believe that we can succeed. Last year I was very close. I had my best Roland Garros. At Wimbledon I played extremely well against Federer and me Vychytil incredible match. Hit 79% of the first dosing, which is one manages only once a year, maybe two. Certainly more can I add another Grand Slam title. However, I must seize the chance when arises. “in my arms, but it seemed to me difficult to deal with it when changing clothes. Because when you see such a wee osobky, we consider it very fragile. But you need to see the experienced middle-aged women – Kim is one such good friends, how to manipulate child harsher and faster. Many people explained to me that toddlers are more than they appear – will not break. “