Djokovic over Nishikori

Djokovic over Nishikori

Djokovic over Nishikori to the final

The No.1 Serb tennis player Novak Djokovic almost lost his form in the semifinals against Nishikori, and lost one set, which is unusual for him in the last 10 matches. Novak won the first set with only one gem lost (6-1) and then had a lapse of concentration in the second set where he gave the Japanese the power to play and Nishikori used it and did something that Novak’s last 10 enemies failed to do-Won a set. The second set was 3-6 for Kai Nishikori, and that seemed to upset Novak, overcome the problems from the second set and put an amazing show taking the victory with 6-0, and advancing in the final at the ATP Finals on Saturday.

After finishing unbeaten in the round-robin, the Serb sealed his No.1 spot this season, showed visible signs that his lack of concentration was caused by a partisan crowd, that caused Novak to drop his first set since the start of the tournament.

Nishikori, who is having the season of his life, failed to build up what it takes when Novak lost his concentration, and in the start of the third set he missed two break points, giving Novak Djokovic the opportunity to win the match, and so he did, winning last six games and reserving a spot in the final where Roger is waiting.

Djokovic will have the opportunity to get in the records where Ivan Lendl is laying. He can win the season finale tournament three years in a row, something Lendl did 1895-1987.

Novak comments on Nishikori’s game that this was Kei’s best season of his life, and that he is playing really good tennis, but made several double fouls that cost him the game and the place in the finale. Djokovic added that he will watch the Swiss semifinal from his bed with popcorns. The all Swiss semifinal between Roger and Wawrinka was played few hours after Djokovic and Nishikori’s game, and later on Roger managed to get to the finale in an interesting duel where Wawrinka had four match balls, but failed to get them with crucial mistakes and low pressure net runnings.

In this game where Djokovic dictated the game and the tempo from his base line and completely changed in negative way at the start of the second half. He could have had another easy win like his last 9 matches, but lost his concentration over the crowd. It all looked good for the Japanese until he made a double foul and received applaud from the crowd. Djokovic applauded to the public and shook his head not believing what they are applauding at.

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He then returned in the game and in the third and last set, smashing relentlessly Kai and flying over to the final.

Novak will face Roger in an interesting match. The last match belonged to the Swiss, but the odds and statistics are for Djokovic this time. Let’s enjoy the game and see for ourselves.