Diamond vortex slot review

Diamond vortex slot review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Diamond vortex slot review

Play n GO can surely make a good slot machine and in Diamond Vortex they likewise prove that they can create something fascinating with special features and mechanics. It is a beautiful slot that depends on a cluster pays system and on a hexagonal game zone which puts the images in three rings.

A total of 7 reels are available with 4 to 7 images present on each one depending what it requires to get the hexagonal shape. Wins of at least 6 images forms in clusters. Concerning the top payouts that can be reached here, up to 5,000x the round’s stake is available to be paid in a game that offers different kinds of wilds. It additionally has new mechanics alongside multipliers that could arrive at 20x and free spins. that have a far superior possibility of getting you those big prizes. Also, RTP was determined to be 96.20%.

Betting and Prizes

Select the bet and that is it. You may start playing Diamond Vortex in return for bets as little as $0.20 or as high as $100. Every one of these alternatives are listed on the base row.

The payouts are good in Play n GO slots and 5,000x is probably the well-known jackpot that we find in their games. You may require multipliers to get there and the chances of that happening are best during the free spins but it is possible.

It is been described as a game that has high instability so there is a good amount of risk included with it. It is expected to have a Return of 96.20% so it is as fair as any new game of the type.

Diamond Vortex Slot Features

The best approach to form combinations should be familiar to you as the game uses a cluster system which requires 6+ matching images to be close to one another. This forms a combination and you get paid. Then, the images involved in those clusters will be removed and others will have their place which can lead to formation of additional clusters.

What’s uncommon is the way the game changes its game territory. There are three levels that feature the game’s images and they will move clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on which one we are looking at.

You will notice the top position of these rings will have a Zone of a different color. There is a moving Spot which starts from the bottom position and afterward moves towards the Zone as the circle rotates whenever it is involved in a win. In the event that it does not figure out how to reach at the Zone within that spin and its reels, at that point it resets for the following round returning to the starting point.

There is a permanent wild image in the middle of the three levels of the images. It is the Core Wild which is consistently present there. As a part of the reels mechanic, wilds may land on the reels and be used for wins. When that happens, they become clingy and they move closer to the middle and the Core Wild.

If it gets to the Core Wild, at that point another element comes and it is called Consume. As the Core Wild consumes these clingy wilds, a multiplier will increment, in the end arriving at a level of 20x. This multiplier will help to boost any wins that the Core Wild is a part of.

Change is another that you may get and it involves a Spot arriving at the top region of a ring where you discover the Zone. The whole ring gets changed and it will have just one type of image on it.

Always a great feature, the free spins can trigger with 5 rounds here too. You simply need the bonus image to land in the Zone. There is no reset between spins for the multiplier and the Spots do not return to the starting position either.

Theme and Design

It is not a very nice theme but I believe you will like the design quality in any case. I love the colorful images, each in a different shape from crystals to gold pieces and others. The hexagonal shape of the game territory helps make it look fascinating too.


Diamond Vortex is a unique  release, you can learn new mechanics and appreciate the slot’s unique nature. Also, you should be able to assume a misfortune as the high unpredictability will punish a lot of its players.

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