Diamond Force Casino Game Review

Diamond Force Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Diamond Force Casino Game Review

Diamond Fore Casino is a game made by the Microgaming which is scheduled to release in April 2020. The Tooth studio also helped to make the slot with the developers. The theme of the slot consisted of the superhero image with some of the unique features in the game. Diamond Force composed of the reels, betting range, payout and the hidden symbols in the with the sign also. The players who wanted to play this slot as online have the chance to get something better than the others.

Diamond Force Casino game can be played through the smartphone throughout the world but the software and application are must be in the game.


There are 5 reels and the 1024 pay-lines to draw the payout of 13,175x which is an impressive amount for the players of the casino. The Return to the Player is fixed with 96.53% which is better than other low volatility casino games. While, the presence of the scatters, wilds, free spins, and the Bonus features made the slot very interesting for the gamblers. I think the makers of the game did not aware of the market of the casino while they are doing on work for the product. It is the modern era of casino players as they liked to play high profile casino games.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting option for the Diamond Force casino game is not too high as all the casual players and newbies have the chance to make them prepare for the high profile casino games in the future. The range of betting started with the only $0.10 to the $10 which is too low for the minimum and maximum also. While on the other hand, the payout of the 13175x is slightly low for the casual players of the casino. The RTP which is more than 96% is an average type that OK for the users of casinos. Lucky spins with the free spins also could increase the amount of the slot payout to uplift the total draw out.

How to Play

We have many symbols in the slot of Diamond Force but the presence of the Wild symbol will play a vital role in the working of the game. It will for alternate and combination on the reels from 1st to 5 to make the form of the title of the slot. They also focused on the mechanic of the Team- Up with the output of 2 main features like the superheroes and the stacked also to cover all the 3 locations in the slot.

The features of the superheroes will start to work on the reels with the assistance of the Team Up to trigger the required option. There is not matter to appear as single or double also. For this working, you can get a vast area for a game player with the payouts from the 2x to the 5x as a maximum for him.

At the last of the game, you have one big purpose which is to get the Bonus spins which also relies on the Team up features in the mechanic. It can pick at the 5th reels like a Bonus symbol to draw the high payout for the gamblers in the slot. More than 20 rounds can be obtained from it.


The theme of the game is based on the Superhero as we told in the early of the content which is almost the same as the book of the comic but the same also. We will see most of the functions and features are new in the slot with the various colors to amuse the gamblers. The symbols in the slot of heroes, purple, red, green, blue, wilds of diamond and Royals are the best things to gain the users.


Having a boring theme in the slot will be the cause of failure in the market but the presence of payout and RTP can uplift the slot in the casino market. The new functions and features in the game tend to increase the gamblers for the product in 2020. But, the developers of the game also think about the faults in the slot.

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