Details on a jackpot of €31,280 won with a bet of €0,60!

Details on a jackpot of €31,280 won with a bet of €0,60!

A few days ago, a player from the online casino Cresus won a very nice jackpot of €31,280, while betting only €0.60, as it is possible! This jackpot was hit on the Ozwin’s Jackpot Slot Machine . Following her win, the player named Christine was contacted by Inspector Bonus and answered a few questions to learn more about her incredible story.

A reasonable and lucky player

Christine had been registered on Cresus for about a year and had made some gains, but nothing like her jackpot of €31,280. She describes herself as a fairly reasonable player, who prefers not to bet all at once. His strategy is to experiment regularly with small deposits and hope to make withdrawals to remain profitable.

” I play regularly by deposit of 40 euros per day on the Internet for a year, land casinos less often once every three months or so not exceeding 50 euros. I tell myself that it can happen to anyone because I was lucky to have it on my own. You have to be reasonable, you do not have to always bet big, you have to be patient. ”

An incredible return on investment

Although her strategy seems well established, Christine did not expect to win as big. It must be said that the height of his spins (only €0.60) was very moderate. However, after arriving in free spins, the combinations were chained until touching the Grail!

” Then I had the 4 free spins so 20 euros before starting the 10 free spins. On the first 4 games I had the 4 red diamonds for the big jackpot … Then the other parties marched I said ‘go a red’ … And there it appeared by magic! I yelled JACKPOT and I looked at my scales to see it appear, I did not believe it. And there 31,280 €that appears … Especially with my bet of 0.60 cents I hallucinate. ”

These jackpot stories always have the gift of awakening in us some fantasies! Granted, her win is not enough to put her away for the rest of her life but it will allow her to put a little aside and take a well-deserved vacation. As she said herself, nothing is planned for the moment except for a vacation with her friend.

Winning a 5-digit jackpot starting from 60 cents is possible. You just need a good deal of luck so that the stars are aligned at the same time! Well done to her.