Day 1a of CA$10,000 Poker Main Event Produces a surprise Winner – Lam

Day 1a of CA$10,000 Poker Main Event Produces a surprise Winner – Lam

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Poker Main Event Produces a surprise Winner

Tuesday, May 21 through Sunday, May 26, 2019  Place: Playground Poker Club – Montreal, QC, Canada

2019 PartyPoker Event

Event Schedule

Dates:   Tuesday, May 21st – Sunday, Ma,y 26, the, 2019

Venue: Playground Poker Club





Tuesday, May 21 through Sunday, May 26, 2019  Place: Playground Poker Club – Montreal, QC, Canada

After 10 levels of play, the PartyPoker with LIVE MILLIONS in North America has come to end. Apparently, 151 players have made it to Day 2. Sandleadsm leads in Day 1a with an impressive high stack of 6,840,000 chips.

Lam is a known recreational poker player from the United States. She made her way through CA$10,000 Main Event which is indeed a tough field. In her poker career, she has only one recorded cash of under $1,000. With the look of things this week, Lam is set to score a five-figure.

Sitting within a striking distance with Lam are notable names like Ghighan high-roller Manig Loeser with a recent victory of over $670,000. He has bagged 6,620,000 chips. Armin Rezaei has bagged 5,790,000 chips, he lost a million-chip pot later in the level giving up the chip lead, Jonathan Concepcion with 5,320,000 and Geogiy Filippovich with 5,305,000 chips.

At the start of the event there were around 150 players already seated but as time went by more players came in through the provided four levels for late registration. The action started off slow even though were no re-entry options provided for the same day. There were a total of 304 entries after the closure of the four levels of registration. This surpassed the halfway mark guaranteed prize pool of CA$5,000,000.

Some of the popular players to be eliminated in the course of the day include Sergio Aido, Ema Zajmovic, Jeff Gross, Anatoly Filatov, Darryll Fish, Patrick Serda, Scott Seiver, Alex Lynskey, Taylor Bla, k, and Ludovic Geilich.

Apparently the members of PartyPoker team were not able to find a bag, however, there were some online qualifiers who managed to find better success, includes Leo Liberal (1,790,000) Matthew Urban (255,000) Daniel Dubeau (730,000) and Samuel Gagnon (235,000). These qualifiers will return for Day 2 hoping a shot will turn them from rags to riches.



Level     –              10

Blinds    –              10,000 / 25,000

Ante      –              25,000


Players left          –              151

Entries                  –              304

Ave Chip Stack   –              2,013,245

Total Chips          –              304,000,000

Prize Pool            –              5,000,000 CAD


NAME                                                                                            CHIPS

Sandy Lam                                                                                           6,840,000

Manig Loeser                                                                                      6,620,000

Armin Rezaei                                                                                      5,790,000

Jonathan Concepcion                                                                       5,320,000

Georgiy Filippovich                                                                           5,305,000

Philippe D’Auteuil                                                                             5,235,000

Josh Kay                                                                                              5,205,000

Ryan Pignatelli                                                                                   5,180,000

Babak Forozandeh                                                                            4,850,000

Gerald Karlic                                                                                      4,705,000


 23/05/2019 – 25/05/2019 CA$10,300 HIGH ROLLER 1 0, OOO CA
 25/05/2019 – 26/05/2019 CA$25,300 SUPER HIGH ROLLER 25,300 CA
29/05/2019 – 01/07/2019 CASINO EMPLOYEES EVENT $500
29/05/2019 – 30/05/2019 NO-LIMIT HOLD’EM SUPER TURBO BOUNTY $10,000
30/05/2019 – 07/06/2091 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM BIG 50 – $500
30/05/2019 – 02/06/2019 OMAHA HI-LO 8 OR BETTER $1,500
31/05/2019 – 03/06/2019 50TH ANNUAL HIGH ROLLER $50,000 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
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