Dawn of Egypt Casino Game Review

Dawn of Egypt Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Dawn of Egypt Casino Game Review

Dawn of Egypt Casino Game Review which is in the list of the upcoming games of Play n Go to amuse the player at the start of the new year of 2020. Read Dawn of Egypt to aware of the options and the functions of the game with the information of the keys and the symbols in it. Having High RTP and payout, this game will get more and more demand in the market of the casino in the entire world. Here is the detail of all the features with step by step in the following.

The game is based on the Ancient theme and has many bonuses and free spins for the users of gambling. There is graphics in the slot but the detail of the game is not appreciated by the bookies.

Options and Features in the Dawn of Egypt Casino Game

There are very little options in the slot with the 5 reels and the pay-lines of 10 only. The maximum prize for the users is $500,000 but option will be the matter to get it. The RTP which is 96.23% showed the importance of the slot and the betting options from $0.10 to $100 further increased the value of it. Dawn of Egypt can be downloading and played by the use of the cell phone anywhere in the world.

This Dawn of Egypt Casino Game has to release in the 3rd week of the February, 2020. Having not option of the Progressive Jackpot and the maximum payout must lift the slot in the hands of the players.

How can we play Dawn of Egypt Slot?

The game is attached with most of the symbols and the sign in it, but the player use all the functions and the option very carefully otherwise he will surely lost his investment in the slot of Dawn of Egypt. Our detail about to run the slot will be helpful for the newbies and the experts of the casino player in the last years. All the makers of the casino game made the game with unique style as they wanted to cover the market of casino to the others in trouble. Here is the method to run the Dawn of Egypt Casino Slot.

From the start of game, use the option of the Scarab symbol as usual which is very simple and used anywhere to make the alternate to make the combination of winning prizes. It has the ability and capacity to make the win as own without linking other symbols to win up to the 100x stake. The falling of the 3 scatter on the reels would change into the free spins much time to give 1,000x as prize and the will behave 2 time on the slot.

More rounds can be getting from the spinning of the Wheel God option in the form of 3 to 20 free spins after triggering the slot. In every round of the game, a gambler will get at least one symbol which will act as a special and high volatile. Most of the symbols which have low importance could jump in to the maximum paid ones.

Common option in the game is the presence of the scatter symbol which leads to give you alternate and the trigger option. At the same spot, you can access the spins of Pyramid to get 4 free rounds for each scatter. Pyramid symbol has a key role at the last of the game as it can change the value of the symbols and the pair’s options also.


As per the previous invention of the Play n GO, this theme failed to include the impressive features in it but the presence of the Ancient Egypt in the theme made it very beautiful for the users. The modern symbols, quality of the slot, Snakes sign, Wilds, Scatters, Scorpions and other options would give some respect in the market of the casino as online and offline also in the casino stations.


According to the Play n GO, the game, Dawn of Egypt is consisted of different features than the past and will get market in all the biggest areas of casino like, England, Australia and United State America also.

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