Davy Russel and Philip

Davy Russel and Philip

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Davy Russel and Philip Enright will miss some action due to illegal sharing of a stik

It is the jockeys that were considered as favorites in this race, and those are Davy Russel and Philip Enright. Both of them were banned from the upcoming events due to sharing a whip.

The former champion of Ireland and his fellow mate shared a whip in the Powerstown Handicap Hurdle, as Russel lost his one, and took Enright’s whip just before the last moments of the race.

According to the 272 rule, they both made disrepute and must be punished. Russel says that he is bit of surprised of the suspension, and he never had intention to do take it for him, just to borrow it for few seconds.

Leave at Dawn was Ireland’s former champion horse, with Backinyourbox rode by Enright. Both of them did good results on that race.

Their suspension comes live as soon as possible, and they are banned from two tournaments they are already racing in. Officially their bans will last until the end of the first week of Februaty.

This is not the first time jockeys have been banned for something they think is not right. Just before the New Year we had an example where the sun was the problem of the jockeys realizing the flag, and since the flag was for them to stop the race, they were all banned.

Now this is an interesting situation. Wrong flag waved, the players or so called jockeys ignored it, they kept on with the race, the players receive a 10 days ban and the weaver goes home clean.

In a race that took place on Wednesday for amateurs hosted in Great Britain in the Ludlow arena tournament, two of the racers got big bans by the officials in the race for Ludlow. It was Jake Launchbury and Page Fuller, the jockeys on the right of the picture that managed to miss the entire track and go in the wrong direction. After successfully completing two laps, and in the third and final, they started going astray from the other side of the fence. After Launchbury Jake realized his mistake and tried to make a sharp turn left, he so that Page Fuller was following him, not allowing him the space to turn and join the other jockeys, they both managed to jump over the white fence, which cost them big banks in the jockey world.

Their teammates also pay the price for the lack of concentration of Jake and Page. Bally Sands will have to be happy with the 3rd position after crossing the line 1st and Petit Ecuyer will be on the 4th place after finishing 2nd.

The full punishment for the mistake that Jake Launchbury did that Page Fuller followed will be announced at the beginning of next week, but one thing is for sure; Jake Launchbury is missing 21 days and Page Fuller is missing 10 days of official racing, a.k.a. they are suspended for 21 and 10 days with fees to come next week.

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