Cyborg Towers Slot Review

Cyborg Towers Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Cyborg Towers Slot Review

Merkur has several new online slots that they are planning to launch now and one of them is taking us to the future while the other goes to the past. The advanced one is called Cyborg Towers and I completely expect something amazing here, given the title and the Blade Runner-like picture that rings a bell. The game should end up a great surprise for its players with an above average RTP.

Cyborg Towers doesn’t have a standard setup with 6×3 reels to spin but there are just 5 active lines inside. Then again, you only get three images to form mixes with while a fourth one will reset your progress towards different prizes. Additional prizes of up to 1,000x the stake can be delivered on the off chance that you do the right thing but it won’t be easy getting there and you might want to claim the Cashpot before then. The RTP can be OK at 96.14% or great at 98.80%, depending on the method used.

Betting and Prizes

You will select the total amount that will be used. The betting range used to cover the 5 lines is between $0.10 and $20.

The payouts can vary with the maximum being the 1,000x bonanza that is delivered on the best ladder stool. You likewise will form winning mixes of up to 6 images, making use of one of three regular images available. They all pay up to 10x the stake and every one has a different ladder on which you are trying to ascend. The other two ladder prizes are 200X and 100x.

According to Merkur, the RTP of this game can be different, based on the strategy that you are using. You can gather prizes as you form mixes or you can go for the slot’s jackpots. 96.14% to 98.80% is the range mentioned for the RTP.

Cyborg Towers Slot Features

It is not an ordinary slot machine but it is not going to present any new special features either. It doesn’t have wilds, free spins, scatters. Everything depends in way you form mixes and the mechanic through which the game territory sized Cyborg will reset your progress as you attempt to climb the towers.

There are three Cyborg Towers that you can climb on, each one related with a different regular image. As you form mixes with those images, you climb their towers and you move closer to the jackpots. The top prizes are different in each case and they range from 100x, to 200x and 1,000x the stake. You need 50 steps to arrive at the top. In case you are attempting to do this, you won’t gather your rewards before arriving at the top and rather they will be kept in the Cashpot.

Unfortunately, it is not assured that you will get to the top. The presence of the Cyborg image on the reels will reset the progress and you lose the money that you have gathered in the Cashpot. In case you are willing to leave the extra prizes from the top of the Towers, at that point you can gather the Cashpot prizes when you structure at that point, and there is no danger for you to lose it. There is another option to do a Partial Collect.

Theme and Design

It appears as though an advanced game, however not one that I would prefer to live in. I tend to appreciate sci-fi that makes me long for the future but here it would look like a fight among humans and cyborgs, and the last is a naked animal which is attempting to get you far from the riches found in the towers. Not a nice prospect.

The images here includes the Cyborg that assumes control over all possible on the reels and the three regular images which give off an impression of being a combination of power sources, bracelets and people with VR headsets on their heads.


Cyborg Towers is not an ordinary release, an interesting slot machine from Merkur that figures out how to deliver a special experience. You should check it out if you need a special gam out but its nerve wracking jackpots ladder climb isn’t for everybody.

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