Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur Online Betting Review – 12 Sep

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur Online Betting Review – 12 Sep

English Premier League is the only best football season after the mega world cup. All the England domestic clubs took part in the league. I am here to tell you about the latest performance, prediction, head to head information, betting odds & tips, statistics and conclusion. I know you will find the better side after reading all the required information about the slot machine. All the information have been taken from reliable sources.

Latest Performance

Both the sides played six games in the same league. The Crystal Palace failed to win even a single game and loosed four times. No doubt, the remaining two games did not favour any time. If we talk about the other side, Hotspur remained good in 5 from the last six games and did not overcome in one game. It showed the clear performance of the two sides.

Head to Head

Both sides have met with each other in March. Tottenham remained undefeated by a 4-1 result. It is a large difference between the performance of the two teams.


Head to head information showed a clear result about the prediction. The Hotspur has a 49% chance of winning the game compared to the 24% chance for the other side. All the data have been taken from the past outcomes.


At the start, I would like to describe the result of the home games. Crystal place played only one game in the English Premier League and did not create any result. The socred no goals and conceded 0 also. The Hotspur also played the only game and remained undefeated. They scored one goal and conceded 0.


Both the teams did not announce any squads for the game. But, no one would like to exclude the winning squads. The official squads will announce just before the start of the game.


Hotspur scored one goal in the last game of English Premier League 2021.

Betting Odds & Tips

After searching a lot of information, I have found that Crystal Place picked the 7/2 price versus the Tottenham ⅚. On the other hand, 12/5 went into the draw side.


I tried my best to post all the required information for the two teams. According to our prediction, Tottenham has a 70% chance to win the game. If you do not agree with us, then you may compare the facts and figures to others. We did not like to post any wrong information for the viewers. The official result may change at any time.