Crystal Palace vs Brighton and Hove Albion Betting Review – EPL – 27th September

Crystal Palace vs Brighton and Hove Albion Betting Review – EPL – 27th September

English Premier League is one of the best domestic seasons in England. The players from different countries joined the tournament. I am here to assist you with the betting tips. It has consisted of head-to-head results, predictions, latest performance, betting odds & tips, squads and other related information. It would be best if you stayed here for maximum outcome.

Latest Performance

I took the data from the last six matches to compare with the other side. The Crystal Palace played six games to win only one game and lost in 3. If we see the other side’s performance, the Albion succeeded in winning four games from 6. They loosed in 2 games.

Head to Head

I picked the expected predictions from official sources. Both sides played their last game in Feb 2021, where Crystal Palace remained undefeated by 1-2 goals.


According to the views of former players and experts, Crystal Palace picked 27% chances to win versus the 42% of the opposition side. That is the difference between the two sides.

Goals in the last games of EPL

It is also essential to compare the performance of two teams in the EPL. The Crystal Palace played two games and won 1 time. The other game did not release any result. They scored three goals and conceded 0. Conor was the tops scorer with two goals.

We need to check the performance away from home also. The Albion side played two games to win both times. Neal was the top scorer with only two goals.


Both sides did not announce any squad. We need to stay here till the start of the game. No one would like to exclude the prominent player from the squad.

Betting Odds & Tips

I checked the betting price after reviewing too many spots. The Crystal Place picked a 9/5 betting rate versus the 13/8 for Albion. You may predict the odds and tips through it.


I tried my best to compare all the information for the viewers. In English Premier League, the Albion played some good games to create more options. If you did not satisfy, then you may change your mind. All the pieces of information have been taken from official sources. You do not need to worry about the data.