Crystal Palace vs Arsenal Betting Review

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal Betting Review

Posted on November 16, 2023 by in Football
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal Betting Review

Arsenal is a slightly better team than Crystal Palace. Moreover, there is enough difference between the performance of teams. The betting review will help you to get information about head-to-head, squads, predictions, goals in the league, and betting tips. After reading it, you will be able to make predictions.

Latest performance

Crystal Palace played six games and won three times.

CP failed in one game, and 1 match ended without any result.

On the other side, Arsenal also participated in six games and won 4 times. They failed in two matches. So, Arsenal is a better team of the day.

English Premier League is one of the best domestic titles in the world. All the players from different kinds of the club take part in it.

Head to Head

Both teams have faced each other for three months. Crystal Palace showed one of the best performances in that game. The final result was 3-0 in favor of Crystal Palace. You can expect the same performance in the next round.


Predictions are always prepared on behalf of past data of teams and players. No doubt, some players performed well at home and failed away.

According to predictions, Crystal Palace picked 36% chances to win. Whereas Arsenal also gained the same numbers to win. Moreover, there is a 28% chance of drawing the game.

Results in last six games

Crystal Palace : W,W,W,D,D,L

Arsenal : W,W,W,W,L,L

Arsenal has more wins than the Contenders. So, you can get any result from the last six results.

Match detail

The match is scheduled to play on 6th August 2022. Selhurst Park is ready to host this game. You can get exclusive coverage from 7:30 to onward.

Goals in recent league

Both sides did not face each other in English Premier League. So, we cannot make any decision on its behalf of it. However, the above result is good for comparing the performance of teams.

Arsenal failed only in 2 matches. At the same time, Crystal Palace succeeded in drawing 2 games and losing one.

Betting odds

Head-to-head results showed that Crystal Palace is a beautiful team. They stopped Arsenal from doing any goals in the last game. The 3-0 is also good to leave the other team in trouble.

So, you can bet on Crystal Palace as a favorite team of the day. Its players are in thriving form to win another game.

Crystal Palace has consisted of a high betting rate as compared to Arsenal. It is due to the latest result and performance of teams.


after comparing the two teams’ data, Arsenal is looking for a better side than Crystal Palace. If you have betting experience, you will choose Arsenal as a competent team. We made these descriptions on behalf of past numbers. The final and official result may change from it. Now on is responsible for any loss in betting.


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