Crystal Mirror Slot Review

Crystal Mirror Slot Review

Crystal Mirror Slot does not have the functions and features that were expected from the player of gambling. Crystal Mirror is going to describe here for better information about the game. There are some usual options in the game, like the roles of the first three reels, and the other ones are the same. We hope that you have played a lot of games like the Crystal Mirror. Unfortunately, the makers did not provide all the particular features that could enhance the value of the game.

Crystal Mirror Slot has posted all the online betting software to play at any place in the world. Furthermore, you have to control at a crucial time because a single mistake can take a man towards the defeat. Here is the detail of the functions in the slot.

Functions in the Slot

As we discussed early in the review of Crystal Mirror, the slot has consisted of only six reels in it, but all of these have the same role. On the other hand, twenty pay-lines with the reels can release the $100,000 for a player to fill the pockets with coins. You have to get free spins, multipliers, free games, wilds, and extra scatter symbols to gather all the hidden payout from the slot. In the absence of progressive jackpot and the minimum amount of RTP, it is up to the player to handle the work. Here is the betting range to open all the functions by paying to the manufacturers.

Betting Range and Payout

It is a tiny amount to unlock all the game’s functions of Crystal Mirror. You have to select any pair that ranges from only $0.10 to a maximum of $20. I think there will not be any problem for casual players to check it. They need to be careful while playing it. The risk in the game and the lower amount of RTP could be the reason to lose the slot’s value. They failed to provide the reason for final rewards and also reduce the roles of extra free spins. Here is the working technique for playing the slot.

How to Play the Crystal Mirror Slot?

The slot of Crystal Mirror did not add any problematic option for the players. You will amuse to see the area of the game that is distributed into the two sections. The role of 1st and 6th reels in the game is the same. At the same time, all the others will behave differently than the usual. It is up to the player how he faces the free spins and valuable symbols. Make all necessary pairs and combos from the help of scatters symbols, which is the only for all players in any slot.

There is an additional feature in the slot which releases the free spins where you want on the reels. It may be between the 4th to 6th reels. All of these working depend upon the free spins’ images that are falling on the reels for creating more than fifteen free spins. Online betting for Crystal Mirror and offline always different from one another. Here is the theme information to check the images on it.

The Theme of Slot

The slot’s theme is related to the title of the slot—most of the graphics and symbols used for the first time with some changes in it. The presence of diamonds, beauty, and scatter increased the sense of slot among others in the market. There are different kinds of suits, royalties, and mixed values of symbols is another good thing to see. I can say that it is an average slot by looking at the game’s design and layout.


Red Tiger showed a tale of an era with the help of all the inputs in the slot. We have only graphics changes in the slot for the first time. You will not worry in the slot all the way, but risk and a lower amount of RTP among the payout can rattle players’ hopes. More than $100,000 rewards are waiting for players to draw. I suggest the newbies join the party because of a very unusual amount of betting.