Crucible Cricket Kaltim

Crucible Cricket Kaltim

SAMARINDA – steep road seems to accompany the cricket Kaltim step toward the achievement of PON XIX / 2016 West Java, next September. Because, in conjunction with the start of decentralization independently, yesterday (2/2) issues arise that can not be underestimated which could damage the concentrations of athletes in training.

With all the happenings in the cricket world lately the Samarinda cricket competition does not get the necessary shine and audience as they have expected as all the people are focused on the t 20 tournament and it’s pre tournament happenings and games that determine the group stages, qualifications and so on. They have been facing with this problem for several years now, so an emergency meeting is called by the president and the federation to do something about this problem.

The problem is related to the use of the pitch which has been used cricketers to hone skills. In fact, the field’s been born a bronze medal in Pre-PON, some time ago. Yes, it is theirs sports field hockey Kaltim also be mentas in four annual national event.

Reportedly, the Indonesian Hockey Federation (FHI) Kaltim wants the cricketer did not use the field alias decamp. Of course, it makes the news Cricket Association of Indonesia (PCI) Kaltim must be prepared to be the worst risk he would face if it did not give permission Kaltim FHI.

“We have not sent an official letter to borrowing this field, but we have repeatedly used orally. And, earlier there was no problem, perhaps there is only a misunderstanding, “said Acting Secretary of the PCI Kaltim, Budhi Irawan.

Even so, a determination cricket Kaltim to reach achievements deserve thumbs up. The circulation of news that is not pleasant to hear, actually used as motivation for athletes to prove that the spirit of cricket Kaltim able to compete in the accomplishment zone. Proven with the implementation of the opening of which was attended by the Chairman of TC independent PCI Musyahrim Kaltim in Samarinda Sempaja Madya Stadium Complex, Tuesday (2/2) yesterday.

To Kaltim Post , former Head of the Department of Education this Kaltim said that for success there are obstacles to overcome. In fact, he considers that the PCI Kaltim exam experienced today is part of the process towards the achievement.

“We must take the wisdom of all the tests that befall us, I hope that any athlete facing tests, should be used as a whip to continuously improve quality in PON later,” said Musyahrim.

Musyahrim added that the main purpose of convening this self TC, to restore the fitness of players. Whereas, after the Pre-PON, the athlete is no longer intense practice. “We took the initiative to TC first, while waiting Puslatda begins. TC is more focused on physical development because after getting time off, physical athletes look down, “he said