Crosstown Chicken, Genesis Gaming’s latest slot machine

Crosstown Chicken, Genesis Gaming’s latest slot machine

Posted on November 11, 2023 by in Gambling
Crosstown Chicken

Genesis Gaming slot machine publisher had not offered his players such an original slot machine for quite some time, but their latest Crosstown Chicken title was a perfect match for enthusiasts.

After more or less recent titles such as Hear me Roar or Attack of the Zombies , Genesis Gaming presents a slot machine at Crosstown Chicken featuring a group of hens visiting Las Vegas and determined to cross a crowded road Traffic to push the doors of their favorite casino. Will you be able to help them accomplish their mission?

The look of the Crosstown Chicken slot machine

The Crosstown Chicken slot machine offers an aerial and diving view of a Las Vegas neighborhood. On either side of the game screen, buildings and a casino with three entrance doors. A wide five-lane boulevard is in the center of the game screen, with the five voices serving the five reels of the slot machine. Each of the coils contains 3 rows of symbols.

When the player starts his first spins, 3 chickens wait to cross the tracks from the left side of the boulevard and wish to rally the other side to go to a casino. They reach their goal when they each reach one of the three entrance gates of the gaming establishment, symbolized by golden eggs.

On the symbols side, since the rolls and rows are illustrated through a boulevard, the player will have to create combinations with taxis, sports cars, wilds represented by a Volkswagen Combi, playing cards, 4 × 4 pink, or pedestrian crossings that allow hens to pass from track to track.

While the Crosstown Chicken slot machine offers a city scenery dipped in the night, each of the symbols on the reels is presented in a fairly flashy color, just like the casino and its many bright neon lights. The atmosphere of the machine is only more dynamic and warm. Genesis Gaming here is a truly original and captivating title.

The gameplay of the Crosstown Chicken slot machine

Besides the formation of symbol combinations, Crosstown Chicken invites the player to help 3 hens cross a boulevard full of cars. To do this, the hens will be able to rely on the pedestrian crossing symbols which, when they stop in front of one of the chickens, allow them to advance to the next reel until they reach their front door casino.

Once the chickens have reached their goals, 3 bonus games are activated among:

  • The Hard Boiled Bonus Game that unveils a wheel of fortune filled with rewards, whose winnings will be multiplied by 5. If the player immobilizes the wheel twice on the same gift, the bonus game ends.
  • The Eggscalibur Free Spins start 10 free spins with stacked wilds to increase the potential for combinations, all at the heart of a journey through time that turns the hens into a knight, wizard and princess.
  • The Chicken Caesar Bonus Game offers the player a bonus game in which he must choose from eggs that contain rewards, or which will ring the end of the special function.

Once a bonus game ends, each of the three pools returns to the sidewalk that faces the casino, while the player will have to help them again to cross the boulevard.

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