Cricket-Worried sponsors pile pressure on West Indies

Cricket-Worried sponsors pile pressure on West Indies

Posted on May 28, 2024 by in Cricket
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The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is yet facing another massive problem emanating from is broadcasting as well as commercial colleagues. This barely comes after the board was involved in franchise with cricket national team players over unpaid amount.

This prompted the Indian cricket board (BCCI) to act quickly and pose a suspension to the West Indies team that prevented them from attending any tour as well as took the required legal actions against WICB.

The CEO of Digicel Sportsmax, the pan-Caribbean sports television network, Oliver McIntosh claimed that he was so much worried on the impacts this suspension would have on his firm. He added that the firm had already cashed in a lot of money from sponsors in order to broadcast West Indies South African tour that was scheduled from December to January and the failure to which would prompt them refunding the cash to the sponsors. He claimed this as a huge blow to the station as well as to their fans.

It had been a tradition in the Caribbean governments to come between in different crises but McIntosh claimed that this time it is up to sponsors and other stakeholders to intervene. He claimed that these two sectors would come in and try to convince the BCCI that they have to eradicate the ban as long as they wished the sponsors and other stake holders to continue sponsoring the events.

Among other stakeholders that are giving support to the West Indies Cricket is the Digicel a Telecommunication firm that currently owns Sportsmax. The firm claimed that it was a great disappointment to see games being postponed or eradicated. It added that their deal was with WIBC and that as per now; they were involved in matters pertaining the contract between these two firms.

McIntosh claimed that fresh election on the board would be the best option since it has been seen that if a president is elected from one nation, then most of top officials emerged from the same nation as the president. He added that for the best to come out the private sectors must come in and force a change of management, this would at least bear good results in the long run.

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